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The 10 Negative Impacts Chronic Stress Is Having on Your Quality of Life

You can’t avoid all stress, but chronic stress can really take a toll on a person both physically and mentally. How is stress having a negative impact on your quality of life, and how can the best ashwagandha supplement help?

Chronic stress can take just about any preexisting condition and make it worse. Even a healthy person can suffer both physically and emotionally if you don’t keep stress in check. Today, we will look at ten ways that chronic stress can have a negative impact on your life. If you are experiencing some or all of the problems listed, then you want to find the best ashwagandha supplement as soon as you can. We’ll explain why after we discuss the negative impact of chronic stress.

#1. The Quality of Your Sleep Goes Downhill (and then so does everything else)

Sometimes it isn't easy to sleep when you can’t stop thinking about the things that are stressing you out. At other times, these stresses are processing in the background but still keeping you awake. Loss of sleep triggers all sorts of other health problems, including cognitive issues, weight gain, irritability, and other physical and mental challenges.

#2. You Start Putting on Weight

Part of this can be due to a lack of sleep. However, stress can also result in cravings for sugary foods that are certain to put on the pounds. This is especially true if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, chronic stress raises cortisol levels in the body. One indicator of excess cortisol (a stress hormone) is that midsection weight tends to increase.

#3. More Stress, More Inflammation

This is one of the primary reasons that chronic stress tends to make preexisting health conditions worse. Inflammation leads to increased pain and other symptoms. While an anti-inflammatory diet should help reduce swelling in the body, counteracting the underlying source of the inflammation is a necessity.

#4. Mental Health Declines

Anxiety and depression are common when a person is dealing with chronic stress. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to kill two birds with one stone because many activities that relieve stress are also beneficial for anxiety and depression. For example, you want to make time for self-care, both physically and mentally. Read a book in the bathtub, enjoy a glass of red wine with your mate, do some gentle stretching while meditating, or come up with your own idea for a relaxing evening.


#5. Heart Disease Risks Increase

Being wound up all the time is terrible for your heart. Some of the tips for taking care of your mental health are also good for your physical health. High blood pressure and other heart disease risk factors can be related to stress and the inflammation that it causes. The good news is that there are many ways to counteract these effects of stress, ranging from anger management and breathing exercises to finding the best ashwagandha supplement.

#6. You’re Tired All the Time

A European study made a clear link between fatigue and work-related stress. If you feel like your ability to “get up and go” isn’t what it used to be, stress could be the culprit. It all relates to the things we’ve mentioned. Depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, weight gain, increased inflammation, and declining heart health can all be connected to a lack of energy.

#7. Here Come the Tummy Troubles

Anyone with irritable bowel syndrome will tell you that chronic stress does a number on the GI tract. However, researchers are starting to think that this works both ways. So caring for your gut may be crucial toward getting your stress under control. Regardless of the direction the problems are flowing, you still need to work to control your stress. This is particularly essential if you have an inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s. The inflammation that results from stress can cause your symptoms to flare up.

#8. That Person in the Mirror Is Aging Quickly

Chronic stress causes the body to focus on essential processes as it prepares its “fight or flight” mechanism. As a result, your body slows down processes that, while not crucial in an emergency situation, are vital for day-to-day life. The digestive system slows down, and blood flow reduces to nails, hair, and skin. Because of this, stress can prematurely lead to wrinkles, gray hair, brittle nails, and digestive issues that are common in old age.

#9. Your Immune System Isn’t Working Right

People who are stressed out get sick more often. Between not sleeping enough, craving sweets, putting on weight, and being too exhausted for exercise, chronic stress creates a weakened immune system. That means your body can’t fight off invaders, and you are more likely to experience symptoms when exposed to an infection or virus.

#10. Where Did All Your Friends Go?

Chronic stress really throws off social interactions. If you find yourself withdrawing from others or them shying away from you, stress may be the cause. After a stressful day, vegging out in front of the tv is just more comfortable than a videoconference with friends. Plus, not sleeping enough ramps up irritability, so you may not be as pleasant to be around. Either way, chronic stress often results in isolation.


Finding the Best Ashwagandha Supplement to Help Combat Stress

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