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15 Easy Things to Do to Feel Awesome Today

Are you feeling down and stuck in a vicious cycle of self-loathing and self-doubt? What if someone tells you that you can get out of that cycle and be the Warrior Strong woman you are?

Hey, you are beautiful and awesome! You deserve the best in life! Our life coach Mary Ricciardi also thinks so.

If you think otherwise, you have the power to change your mindset beginning today. The best place to start is within you.

1. Write down your feelings.

Whether you’re keeping a journal or not, it helps to write how you feel on any given day. Scribbling out your thoughts and feelings gives you an outlet for your suppressed thoughts and pent-up emotions. Making it part of your routine helps identify your negative thoughts and self-destructive behaviors and provides an opportunity for positive self-talk.

2. Treat yourself.

Have some nice dinner in your favorite restaurant, or prepare yourself a small turkey sandwich with pumpkin pie for a mini-Thanksgiving meal. Eating foods with tryptophan like turkey can increase your serotonin levels, the feel-good hormone in the body. Therefore, it can promote good mood and boost your self-confidence.

3. Meditate.

Practicing stillness and not thinking about any negative thoughts can help you relax. Close your eyes. Imagine that feeling when you just allow your body to float in the pool and let the water take you in its direction of flow. It’s like forgetting your self-doubts and worries since something else is in control. It’s also a way to be Warrior Strong.

4. Thank Yourself.

You’re probably busy asking for appreciation, love, and approval from other people that you forget to offer all these things to yourself. You give yourself a positivity boost by thanking yourself for the incredible being that you are and the fantastic things you do for others.

5. Try something new.

Break from the monotony of your daily routine and try something new. Allow yourself to do something exciting that’s not familiar to your senses. Just permit yourself to experience something different. That thought alone paves the way for you to feel awesome.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Social media can sometimes bring out our worst feelings. Seeing your friend get a promotion, a coworker who just posted about her engagement, or perhaps a new connection who just posted about his newly purchased car, or that fellow entrepreneur who just made 7 figures last month. Rather than compare ourselves with them or feel sorry for ourselves, why not celebrate our wins and celebrate their wins, as well? That’s how Warrior Strong women roll.


7. Hydrate.

Yes. Awesomeness can happen in an instant by just drinking water. Hydration increases our energy levels and helps alertness, and improves mental clarity. Give it a try right now.

8. Have a good laugh.

You’ve probably found yourself laughing on more occasions than one at cat and dog videos as you scroll through your newsfeed on social media. Admit it or not, those funny videos have somehow perked you up, especially in moments when you’re feeling down.

9. Pet an animal.

Pets are great companions, whether they’re not doing anything and just taking a nap beside you or extending their paws as if gesturing that you cuddle them or scratch their belly. The tactile sensation we feel when we stroke their coat gives that fuzzy feeling that just warms us up. If you’re beside your pet right now, why don’t you try to stroke his hair and see how that makes you feel.

10. Read.

While reading is a good pastime that temporarily transports us and takes us away from our own negative thoughts, reading also allows us to absorb new insights through the characters we read and learn new life perspectives that we never heard of before.

11. Learn something new.

With every piece of information accessible in a single tap or click, it is incredibly easy to learn practically any skill nowadays. So whether you’re learning something entirely new, or something you’re passionate about, it will not only make you feel awesome but also boost your self-esteem.

12. Make a fashion statement.

Have you always wanted to express yourself through the clothes you wear but are just too scared to try? Why not do it today? You are doing it for yourself anyway to feel good. As Nike says, “Just do it.

13. Take a warm bath.

Warm baths relax the muscles, especially when you’ve had a long and tiring day.

14. Put a pop of color.

Colors, no doubt, can brighten our day. A vase of fresh, colorful flowers, a shirt with your favorite color, some blush on your cheeks – these can all instantly perk up your day. You just have to decide what color perks you up and how it can brighten your day.

15. Make plans and have Warrior Strong mindset.

It doesn’t have to be grand or lavish. It’s the mere thought that YOU are the one planning it is what makes it exciting! Plan to paint your room a new color or schedule a trip to a place you’ve never been to. If you love to cook, plan a meal and invite your friends over, or simply intend to walk in the park or a trip to the nearest coffee shop.

All these are part of having a confident and Warrior Strong mindset. Feeling awesome is part of being a Warrior Strong woman. Remember, you are AWESOME.

If you find these tips helpful and want to know more, visit Warrior Strong Wellness and be the awesome and Warrior Strong woman that you are.

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