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5 Habits That Unknowingly Hurt Your Gut Health

Poor gut health has been found to influence chronic inflammation, leading to symptoms affecting our physical and mental health. Many factors influence and affect our gut health; some can be genetics, anatomy, and habits.

Bad habits can be contributing factors that put our gut health at risk. A bone broth supplement and superfood greens powder can help calm down your gut and give it much-needed rest. But you also have to watch out for other elements that might be hurting your gut health, such as the following:

1. High Consumption of Processed Foods and Sugars

We get it! Sweets and junk food are tempting and a quick fix to satisfy your hunger or even lift your mood. But all those are temporary, and that brief moment for your happy hormones to rise is just increasing your gut health risk.

Your diet is responsible for taking care of your gut; after all, your gut mainly involves your digestive system and critically influences your health and wellness. The convenience of having readily available processed food and sugar is harming your gut because it affects the balance of bacteria in it.

The gut microbiome consists of bacteria, fungi, and viruses in your intestines that affect your physical health. When your gut microbiome suffers from an imbalance, you increase your risk of having inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and even cancer.

Processed and sugary food and even fatty ones increase the levels of destructive bacteria in your gut. So cutting down on your sugar intake and processed food can help repair your gut health. You can also add a bone broth supplement and superfood greens powder to your diet to give more support to your gut.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Do you ever feel like something does not feel right in your stomach when you lack sleep the night before? It may feel like what you ate is terrible or doesn't agree with your stomach. But perhaps it's your gut telling you that something is not wrong because you were sleep-deprived.

Sleep and gut health complement and support each other. When you don't get enough sleep, it affects your gut health, but your gut health can also cause poor sleep quality. When you are usually sleep-deprived or get interrupted sleep often, it can significantly impact your gut health in a bad way.

Lack of sleep also increases your stress levels and causes hormonal imbalance, affecting your gut. In addition, it can prompt bloating, inflammation, stomach pain, food sensitivities, and changes in your gut microbiome.

3. Dehydrating Yourself

Staying hydrated is crucial to your body, and when you don't get the daily recommended fluid intake, your body suffers, including your gut health. Coffee, tea, soda, and alcoholic drinks are more dehydrating than drinking water. Watch your fluid intake closely, especially when the weather is warm or when doing heavy activities for the day.

When you are well hydrated, your organs and metabolism will work at their best. And when you are well hydrated, you get rid of the harmful bacteria in your system, giving enough room for good bacteria to produce and grow. In addition, good bacteria supported by a bone broth supplement can help clean out toxins in your system, allowing for a healthier gut.

4. Stressing Out

Do you ever feel funny in your stomach or get that nausea sensation when facing a stressful situation? Sometimes it also leads to stress vomiting. That's likely your gut telling you that it feels the stress you're experiencing.

Stress has become a standard part of our daily lives, and often our bodies release stress-managing hormones to help. But if you cannot manage your stress and keep its level at a minimum, your gut health can directly take a hit, affecting the balance of the bacteria in your gut.

Stress also induces movement in the gut and fluid secretion. When you feel stressed, you experience diarrhea or repeated urges to urinate before, during, or after a stressful event. On the other hand, stress can delay emptying stomach contents and speed up the passage of material through the intestines.

5. Choosing a Sedentary Lifestyle

Exercise is an excellent way to keep your body in shape and your mood in high spirits, and you may not know this, but your gut health benefits when you exercise regularly.

When you move regularly, your digestive tract tends to move all the waste properly. But if you are stagnant and don't engage in physical activities so much, you can develop constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other gut health issues. We recommend exercising at least three times a week, and it can be as simple as walking and stretching, much better if you have a routine you enjoy!


What Can You Do to Restore Your Gut Health?

Eat Lots of Whole Foods and Fiber

Take care of your gut by choosing only clean whole foods free from preservatives. Don't forget to incorporate fiber in your diet too! Men's recommended daily fiber is 30-38 grams daily, while women are encouraged to eat at least 21-25 grams. You're at risk of constipation and diverticulosis when you don't get enough fiber in your diet.

Try to consume whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits, and vegetables regularly, and your gut will thank you just enough!

Allot "Me-Time" and Strictly Follow It

Setting a time for yourself benefits your whole being. It is suitable for you physically, mentally, emotionally and can help manage stress and let you enjoy life in general.

Find hobbies that you enjoy but make sure they are sustainable and do not get in the way of your duties and responsibilities; otherwise, they will be counterproductive and may cause more stress than you imagine.

Set a "sleep-in" weekend, read a book, meditate, practice yoga, engage in sports. Whatever you feel will give you that much-needed reset regularly, do it! We're all for self-love here!


Support Your Gut with Superfood Greens Powder and Bone Broth Supplements

With the abundance of unhealthy food choices around us, you can benefit from supplements! We at Warrior Strong Wellness understand the high importance of gut health and its crucial role to all of us.

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The Organic Superfood Greens Powder is a mixable green food powder filled with nutrients derived from superfoods that can boost immunity, reduce inflammation, support body detox, and increase energy levels.

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