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5 Practical Self-Love Tips to Help You Feel Better Today

We all need to love ourselves. Even the Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself. That implies self-love is necessary, even to treat others well. But what does it mean to love yourself, and what are some practical steps you can take to improve how you feel about yourself? As you will see, self-love is about more than just supplementing with ashwagandha for skin enhancements so that you feel better about the way you look. It has to do with the inner self.

Self-Love: What It Is & What It Isn’t

While we don’t want to become self-absorbed or self-obsessed, the right degree of self-love is crucial. What does this involve:

  • Having respect for your own mind and body so that you are motivated to treat yourself well and maintain your physical and mental health to the best degree possible
  • Accepting yourself despite your imperfections to forgive yourself for past mistakes and work against current flaws without being down on yourself
  • Setting reachable goals for self-improvement that honor your abilities without creating unobtainable expectations for yourself

Knowing what self-love is makes it more obtainable. People have difficulty with self-esteem and other aspects of loving themselves because of misguided interpretations of what that means. For example, to love yourself, you do not have to…

  • Be wealthy or powerful
  • Love every aspect of your appearance and think you are the most attractive person alive
  • Succeed at everything you attempt in life

You can love yourself, even if there are things that you don’t like about yourself, there is something that you are not good at, or when you experience failure. Here are five practical tips.

#1. Let It Go

Holding onto the past can lead to unnecessary feelings of guilt. Some things may have happened in your life that are not your fault. Blaming yourself will only drag you down and stop you from working toward future goals. You also need to be able to forgive yourself for things you have said or done in the past that were wrong. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

#2. Don’t Aim for Perfection

If perfection is your goal, you will always fail. No human is perfect. It is that simple. So when you set goals for yourself, whether they are career goals, education goals, health and beauty goals, or personal improvement, be reasonable with yourself. Don’t take it easy on yourself but realize that you have limits. Be balanced with what you expect from yourself.

#3. Take Time for Self-Care

You can’t always put yourself first, or you will hurt your relationships with everyone else. However, you need to take time for yourself if you are going to be able to put your best foot forward in your relationships with others. Make time for recreation, exercise, hobbies, healthy eating, and proper rest.

#4. Write It Down

A journal can be an excellent way to get your self-love journey started. Every day, write down things you love, appreciate, or respect about yourself. If you didn’t lean on the horn when that guy cut you off today, write it down as a little pat on your own back. If you tried a new recipe, be proud of yourself, even if you didn’t love it and won’t be making it again. Here is where you write down even the little daily victories. But don’t forget to record the things about yourself that make you the happiest as well.

#5. Find What You Love

Search for hobbies, recreation, and relaxation types that you enjoy. Then, make sure to fit them into your schedule. If you like to get a massage, set aside money in the budget and find a local massage therapist. For those who prefer a hot bath with a good book and a glass of wine, schedule time for every weekend.

If you want to try a musical instrument, learn a language, or take up an art form, give it a try! And don’t be afraid to say, “I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would.” Nix that pursuit and try the next thing on your list. Just remember that you don’t have to be good at it right away if you enjoy something. Keep at it as long as it makes you happy. Maybe you will get better at it with time.

Take Good Care of Yourself

When you care about yourself, you take care of yourself. You can take that mental break when you need it. You will eat that salad when you really want a fast-food burger. Even daily exercise becomes easier when you are doing it because you know it makes you feel good and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

So, while looks are not why you love yourself, the fact that you do love yourself may move you to supplement with ashwagandha for skin or take part in other anti-aging rituals. You will want to maintain your youthful vigor and appearance as long as possible, not for anyone else but yourself.

When you hit that point in your self-love journey, Warrior Strong Wellness is here for you, not only with supplements like ashwagandha for skin enhancement and stress relief but also with collagen supplements to heal your body from the inside. You can get started today with our Pure Organic Ashwagandha Max. It is the perfect ashwagandha for skin, adrenals, stress, immune, energy, mood, and CNS health.

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