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8 Tell-Tale Signs of Vitamin D and K Deficiency

Vitamin D and K are among the essential nutrients needed to unlock a healthy and Warrior Strong body. But sadly, many women fail to get enough dosage of such vitamins, leaving them at risk for poor bone health, cardiovascular diseases, and other long-term concerns. Do you suspect having the same health problem?

If you answer yes, it’s imperative to read through our list of tell-tale signs of Vitamin D and K deficiency. This way, you can make necessary adjustments and begin tapping into powerful supplements such as Warrior Strong Wellness Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 capsules.

#1. Fatigue

An insufficient amount of Vitamin D and K in the bloodstream can significantly impact the bones, joints, and muscle fibers. As a result, it can also affect your strength and vitality and push you to exert more effort to do simple tasks like walking up and down the stairs or running a work errand. This can lead to lingering fatigue that doesn’t improve even after having a long restorative sleep.

#2. Frequent muscle cramping

Do you constantly struggle with muscle cramps, especially after a rigorous activity? This may be a clear indication of Vitamin D and K deficiency.

Fitness professionals and researchers explain that both vitamins help your muscles move with great ease. Vitamin K ensures that the muscle fibers metabolize just enough energy to facilitate movement, while Vitamin D strengthens your tissues and improves your body’s performance and agility.

#3. Bone or joint pain

Vitamin D and K play an active role in maintaining bone health. So naturally, if you don’t get enough of either of the two vitamins, your bones and joints suffer. You become more susceptible to various bone and joint-related health complaints such as osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

#4. Mood changes

Several studies have established the connection between mood and mental health problems and vitamin D and K deficiency. Here are some examples of the findings:

  • A study that surveyed more than 7000 respondents found that Vitamin D can help improve mood and coping abilities.
  • According to a systematic review, low vitamin D levels in the body can lead to depression.
  • Vitamin K can prevent the onset of anxiety and depression and reduce the risks of premature cognitive impairment.


#5. Excessive bleeding

Blood clotting issues are the direct result of Vitamin K deficiency. Without enough Vitamin K in your system, the body can’t produce enough proteins needed to stop or slow down bleeding in damaged tissues. This can lead to dark or bloody stools, severe headaches, low blood pressure, increased irritability, clammy and sweaty skin, and unconsciousness.

#6. Frequent infection

Do you notice having frequent infections or illnesses as of late? Maybe this has something to do with your Vitamin D and K deficiency. A study found that vitamin D and K work hand in hand in inhibiting the inflammatory response of the cytokines. The two vitamins also play an active role in producing T-cells – the body’s foot soldiers when fighting new infections.

#7. Abnormal menstrual flow

Low Vitamin D and K levels cause varying effects on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Notably, one causes heavy bleeding while the other triggers infrequent or complete absence of menses. Here’s a closer look:

  • According to a study, Vitamin D deficiency can increase risks for oligomenorrhea (irregular menses) and amenorrhea (absence of menses).
  • Studies found that a lack of Vitamin K in the body can lead to heavy menses because of the slower blood clotting time.

#8. Easy bruising

Getting bruises quickly, even after a minor incident like bumping your arm or leg, often indicates Vitamin K deficiency. This happens because of the slow blood clotting response of the body.


Best Ways to Address Vitamin D and K Deficiency

Surely enough, it’s virtually impossible to lead a Warrior Strong body and mind if you struggle with Vitamin D and K deficiency. If you have at least three of the symptoms listed above, we strongly suggest working with your physician. This will help you rule out other causes of your health complaints and learn the best practices that you should incorporate into your lifestyle, including the following:

  • Spend more time outside, especially during the day
  • Address problems that may be affecting your gut’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • Steer clear of vices and bad habits (smoking, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc.)
  • Keep your liver and kidneys in good shape
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Take the extra steps to reduce risks for bone and cardio health problems
  • Say yes to Vitamin D and K rich food products
  • Take advantage of simple yet effective physical activities (jogging, brisk walking, swimming, etc.)
  • Supplement your diet with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2


Grab Your Warrior Strong Wellness Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 Supplement Today!

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 supplements have gained significant traction in the health and fitness market because they work wonders for many people. Additionally, both vitamins are more efficient than other forms of Vitamin D and K (D2, K1, K3).

Notably, Vitamin D3 is better than Vitamin D2 in terms of gut absorption and efficiency. On the one hand, studies note that Vitamin K2 is better than the other forms of Vitamin K because of its synergistic relationship with Vitamin D3 and its added cardiovascular health benefits.

If you suspect a nutritional deficiency in either Vitamin D or K, we strongly suggest taking the Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 capsules from Warrior Strong Wellness. Order yours today! Each bottle contains 60 tablets with 180 mcg K2 (MK-7) and 5000 IU D3, enough to amplify your efforts in reaching your health and wellness goals.


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