8 Ways to Embrace Self-acceptance and a Happier Life

8 Ways to Embrace Self-acceptance and a Happier Life

Learning how to love every single part of you can be extra challenging if you have an inner voice constantly whispering, “you’re not enough, and you will never be enough.” It also becomes a daily struggle when you look at the mirror and hate the person staring back.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to break free from the vicious cycle of self-loathing and self-doubt. With constant practice and a strong urge to develop a Warrior Strong mindset, you can most definitely embrace self-acceptance and leap into a happier and more fulfilling life.

Unlock the eight most powerful ways to welcome self-acceptance into your life in our quick guide below and discover what it takes to become Warrior Strong Forever.

1. Forgive yourself

Forgiving oneself for the things you did in the past is without a doubt one of the hardest things to do. Many believe that it’s hard to do so because seeking self-forgiveness forces you to face what you have done and decide how you should treat yourself for it.

If you keep blaming yourself for everything that has happened in your life, you will have a more challenging time moving on. It will also prevent you from enjoying having peace of mind and developing a deep compassion for people around you. Here are a few steps you can use to learn how you can forgive yourself, take responsibility, and move on:

  • Choose to speak the truth
  • Accept the things you can’t control and change
  • Recognize unrealistic and irrational self-expectations
  • Try seeing things in a new light
  • Develop a Warrior Strong mindset

2. Take pride in your strengths and weaknesses

Understanding the best and worst things about you is another decisive and effective step towards embracing self-acceptance and self-love. Because it allows you to pinpoint the things you’re good at and aspects of yourself that you can improve. Take the time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. We suggest listing them in a notebook or bullet journal. Then, from there, plan how you can nurture or improve on the items.

3. Surround yourself with positive energy

What better way to channel self-loving and self-accepting vibes than surrounding yourself with goodness? You have plenty of options to harness positivity around you, including saying positive affirmations. You can also tap into other sources of positive energy, such as:

  • Exploring and appreciating nature
  • Spreading kindness around you
  • Expressing gratitude for your blessings and the challenges you face
  • Taking the time to recharge and pamper yourself


4. Answer back to your inner critic

It’s harder to navigate through daily challenges when your inner critic often gets in the way. It can prevent you from achieving greatness. Psychology Today shares that during these situations, it would help to answer back to your inner critic. You might also find it beneficial to practice self-affirmation. This might come in handy in overcoming harsh self-criticisms.

5. Talk to a loved one

Having a robust support system is helpful when you doubt yourself. Your trusted loved ones can provide you with moral support and serve as an inspiration to keep pushing forward. A study also explains that having a happy and healthy social life can help develop a positive mindset.

6. Start to plan ahead

If possible, we suggest avoiding the things or events that trigger self-hate or self-doubt. A few examples of these include toxic relationships, financial woes, and poor work or school performance. List down the things you can do to prevent stressful situations and how to cope with them.

7. Feed your soul

Many people neglect to feed their souls and seek spiritual enrichment. Are you guilty of doing the same? Feeding your soul is an essential aspect of life because it allows you to appreciate your connection with the universe and the divine being.

Besides making you feel good about yourself, your spirit also has a significant impact on your health. This is because it can shape your belief systems and character. It can also affect how you perceive yourself and the people around you.

If you’re looking for ways to nurture your soul, you can try the examples below:

  • Practice mindfulness exercises
  • Eat healthy food and nourish your body
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Maintain a physically active lifestyle
  • Recharge your soul by connecting with nature
  • Welcome humor into your life
  • Unplug from work and social media
  • Make sure you get enough resting time
  • Declutter your home and workspace
  • Indulge in aromatherapy

8. Choose to become Warrior Strong

Are you tired of the endless cycle of self-hating and self-doubting? You can put an end to that by stepping up and developing a Warrior Strong Mindset. By choosing to nurture a Warrior Strong Forever mindset, you can enjoy living a balanced and happy life. It also allows you to take scalable and sustainable steps towards your personal goals, such as achieving improved health and making meaningful connections around you.

Here are some quick and actionable tips on honing a Warrior Strong Forever mindset:

  • Take inspiration from your wins and losses
  • Be open to changes and make sure to learn from them
  • Aim to see your milestones in a different way
  • Talk to a mindset and holistic health life coach

We hope you find our eight tips for unlocking self-acceptance helpful in jumpstarting a transformative journey. For more information on developing a Warrior Strong Mindset, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay in tune with the WSW blog!

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