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Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Eat Daily

If you want to reduce inflammation in your body, diet is one of the most important contributing factors. Combating swelling is necessary because chronic inflammation can lead to things like heart disease, arthritis, cancer, or diabetes. Unfortunately, the common American diet is loaded with things that cause inflammation. We’re going to help you learn some foods you can add to your diet each day to reduce swelling in the body.

#1. Fatty Fish

If you thought anti-inflammatory meant going vegetarian, guess again. Fatty fish can provide you with some necessary fats that are good for your brain. Some of the best fish you can eat are salmon and tuna – two popular fish in America. If you want to break out of your comfort zone, try mackerel and sardines.

Be careful to avoid processed meats because these produce inflammation in the body.

#2. Nuts

Unless you have an allergy, you should be eating tree nuts every day. Almonds, walnuts, and other tree nuts are another healthy way to get protein and fat into your diet. If you like to snack throughout the day (and who doesn’t?), it can be tough to cut back on refined carbs like pretzels and chips. Nuts are the perfect substitute because they still give you that satisfying crunch and saltiness (unless you prefer them unsalted).

#3. Leafy Greens

You knew salad was going to show up on this list, so we’ll get that out of the way right now. I think pretty much everyone knows that fresh veggies are must for good health. There are many tasty preparations for leafy greens like kale, spinach, and collards. Whether you eat them hot or cold, raw or cooked, alone or as a side dish, you have to get greens into your anti-inflammatory diet.

Iceberg lettuce is the popular base for American salads, and it’s not like iceberg lettuce is unhealthy. However, other leafy greens have more nutrients, so making the switch is important.

#4. Fruits

Fresh fruit is a great way to replace some processed desserts that are filled with sugar. Berries like strawberries and blueberries, citrus fruits like oranges, and stone fruits like cherries are all important for an anti-inflammatory diet. Don’t go too crazy with the fruit because they do still contain sugar, but you don’t have to cut everything sweet out of your diet.

Don’t substitute sugary drinks or desserts with artificial sweeteners. They are actually even worse for inflammation than sugar.

#5. Olive Oil

Breaking away from vegetable oils is important. Olive oil can give you great flavor and replace the unhealthy fats in your diet that could be causing intestinal issues and other digestive problems. Just remember that olive oil has a lower smoking point than many of the common oils used in the US. It’s similar to cooking with butter, only better for you.


#6. Turmeric and Ginger

These two popular seasonings have a few similarities. One, they are booth roots. Two, they both help with inflammation. Three, they both can be great for seasoning foods or for making into an anti-inflammatory tea. When using turmeric, remember that it’s going to turn your food yellow (and your fingers, and your cutting boards and anything else it comes in contact with).

#7. Water

Okay so this isn’t a foods but increasing your water intake is probably the best thing you can do for inflammation. Water keeps a person hydrated and helps to flush out toxins that can increase swelling. You can also use water to brew teas that are high in antioxidants. That’s another great way to get rid of inflammation.

Colas and other sugary or artificially sweetened sodas are just about the worst thing you can do for inflammation, so replace these beverages with water and tea.

#8. Try a Collagen Supplement

Collagen is a protein that the body makes naturally to repair cartilage and the organs (especially the skin). However, as we age, our body produces less than we use. If you want to help joint pain due to inflammation or even intestinal problems that are related to swelling, collagen is an excellent way to do it. Where can you find the best collagen protein?

Warrior Strong Wellness Offers the Best Collagen Protein Supplements

Warrior Strong Wellness is committed to providing high-end supplements at competitive prices for our clients. To that end, we offer two different collagen supplement options.

  • Multi Collagen Protein Powder – This is an excellent supplement for anti-aging, muscle formation, joint repair, and inflammation reduction. With collagen from multiple sources, you get the five main types of collagen, providing your body with the amino acids it needs in a format that is easy to assimilate. Our Multi Collagen Protein Powder is easy to mix into a glass of water or any other hot or cold beverage.
  • Collagen Bone Broth Protein Powder – Collagen from bone broth provides many of the same benefits for nails, hair, skin, and the joints. However, this unique formula highly targets the GI tract to help repair leaky gut and reduce inflammation in the body. It’s a gluten-free and non-GMO formula.

If you are looking for the best collagen protein to add to your anti-inflammatory diet, you’ve come to the right place. Order today to help get your inflammation under control and know that at the same time, you will be assisting children to win the fight with cancer as part of our proceeds are donated toward childhood cancer research.

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