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Beyond Digestion: How Gut Health Affects The Body

Most people think that gut health only concerns digestion. However, in truth, it affects a lot more. For example, it can affect your ability to fight off pathogen-causing microorganisms because 70 percent of the immune system is in the gut. So let’s deep dive into the role of gut health in maintaining several aspects of your health and wellbeing and understand how you can improve it with the help of powerful supplements like the Warrior Strong Wellness Bone Broth Collagen and Organic Superfoods Green Powder.


Gut Health and Its Overall Effect on Your Health and Life

Doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals refer to gut health as the physiological and physical part of the gastrointestinal tract. It also refers to the community of bacteria and other tiny organisms residing in your digestive tract.

Essentially, maintaining good gut health helps ensure that your body gets enough nourishment from your food. Additionally, your gut health can influence other things beyond breaking down food into smaller molecules. Some examples of these physiological processes include the following:


If you are an avid reader of the Warrior Strong Wellness blog, you might have already encountered a few discussions on the gut-brain axis. According to studies, the two organs share a strong link via biochemical signals produced by the vagus nerve. This means that whatever affects the gut will also impact your cognitive function and vice versa.

In addition to their vagus nerve connection, experts claim that the gut produces chemicals that can affect memory formation – a crucial process that supports cognitive function. Naturally, when you have imbalances in your gut microbiome, several components needed to support cognition will also get affected.

Immune health

As mentioned above, the gut microbiome accounts for at least 70 percent of the body’s immune system. Besides that, the gut microbiome also serves as your immune system’s gatekeeper and helps train your T cells to recognize foreign objects or materials that enter your body.

Mental health

Your gut flora can also influence your overall mood because of the gut-brain axis and the vagus nerve. In fact, a 2017 study found that gut inflammation and dysbiosis (gut microbiome imbalance) share strong connections with the onset of various mental health problems.

John Hopkins Medicine also found that the enteric nervous system of people with gut health problems like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diarrhea, and constipation also tend to cause significant mood changes or mental health issues.

As you might already know, the enteric nervous system is a web of neurons that regulate digestive functions. Interestingly, the gut microbiota can influence the communication pathways between the enteric nervous system and the gut.


Weight Maintenance

If you are among the 73 percent of the population who struggle with obesity, you might want to check your gut health. Unknown to you, your gut microbiome might be a mess. It could be the very reason why you’re not digesting or absorbing food nutrients properly. On top of that, poor gut health can also trigger two other things that can affect your weight loss journey:

  • Ghrelin production – Ghrelin or the hunger hormone influences your appetite. Unfortunately, if you have gut health issues, the production of such hormone also gets affected, leaving you hungrier than usual.
  • Inflammatory markers production – According to a 2017 study, gut microbiota imbalances can increase inflammatory markers production. Consequently, this can increase risks for metabolic diseases and excessive weight gain.

Skin Health

Are you wondering why your skin problems worsen even after using prescribed beauty products? This might be because of an unhealthy gut. As you have learned from the previous sections, poor gut health can increase inflammation.

Unfortunately, the inflammatory response activated by a gut microbiome problem can also take a toll on your skin. It can increase risks for acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.

It can also exacerbate the symptoms of severe conditions like rosacea or eczema.


Grab your Gut-Protecting Supplements Today!

Indeed, gut health holds the key to better health. We hope our brief discussion above emphasized the importance of taking better care of your digestive system.

Now, let’s focus on one of the best steps to boost your gut health: taking advantage of the Warrior Strong Wellness Gut Health Bundle. Essentially, this food supplement package helps you protect your digestive system from damage. It also plays a role in restoring the gut lining to prevent a leaky gut and ensure that you have a healthy and well-balanced gut microbiome.

The bundle consists of two Warrior Strong Wellness food supplements: Bone Broth Collagen Powder and Organic Superfood Greens Powder. These products contain health-boosting nutrients to help you nourish your body and create a better and healthier version of yourself. Here’s a quick overview of how each supplement can help your gut.

Bone Broth Collagen Powder

  • Strengthen your gut lining
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Protection against leaky gut or IBS
  • Regulates the protein junction opening in your gut lining
  • Increased protection against cell apoptosis

Organic Superfood Greens Powder

  • Aid in toxin release
  • Improved bowel movements
  • Encourages a healthy and well-balanced microbiota
  • Protection against cellular damage due to free radicals

The best part about these Warrior Strong Wellness supplements is that you can combine them with your favorite beverages like smoothies or frappes. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even mix them with other go-to recipes like overnight oats, a bowl of fruit and yogurt, and even a warm soup.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the Gut Health Bundle and start seeing improvements in your digestive health. Shop for the ultimate gut-protecting supplement bundle from Warrior Strong Wellness today!


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