7 Body Positive Affirmations for Warrior Strong Women

7 Body Positive Affirmations for Warrior Strong Women

Want a better way to eliminate self-loathing? Check out some of the most powerful body-positive affirmations of many Warrior Strong women here.

Cultivating a self-loving mindset can be a challenging feat for many women. Thankfully, there are several ways you can lift your spirits and nurture a positive and self-loving framework of thinking.

One example of which is saying body-positive affirmations every single day. Discover some of the most potent body-positive mantras here at Warrior Strong Wellness. Then, use these bold and empowering statements to change forever the way you perceive your self-value and self-image.

1. I am happy and content with who I am

There’s no better way to start the day than reminding yourself that you’re happy and content with yourself. It’s an empowering message that will keep you motivated, especially during tough times. Therapists also share that contentment is the key to achieving long-term happiness. This is because when you're content and happy, you can build stronger relationships and eliminate self-loathing thoughts.

2. I trust my inner voice

Your inner voice, gut feeling, and intuition stem from various life experiences, so it provides sound and trustworthy judgments. Unfortunately, not many people recognize this and believe that their inner judgment won’t help them achieve anything positive.

Do you share the same experience? If yes, we suggest re-evaluating your approach and learning to trust your inner self. You can also try techniques like practicing deep listening and maintaining a journal to develop a more positive relationship with your inner voice.

3. My body shape or weight doesn’t define me

Every single woman has fantastic features or traits that are worth celebrating every single day. It would be a shame not to recognize these beautiful gifts because you spend most of your time and energy worrying about your body shape and weight and how these affect people’s perception of you.

Take a step back from this self-limiting notion and remind yourself of the things that make you stand out. It could be the warm smile that you have, the kindness in your heart, or your heartfelt commitment to leaving a lasting impact in your community. Whatever makes you unique, use it to motivate and inspire others around you.


4. I love every inch of my body – even the things that seem imperfect

Don’t let society's unrealistic expectations crush your self-esteem and question everything about your body’s appearance. The so-called imperfections like freckles, sagging skin, stretch marks, thinning hair, and other features only make up a small part of your entire existence. If anything, these things make you unique and unforgettable.

Accepting these “flaws” wholeheartedly will also help you cast out the negative opinion of others and understand that these distinctive physical factors do not make you less of a remarkable woman.

5. I honor and trust my body by not restricting food

The Warrior Strong Mindset encourages women to develop a more warm and nurturing relationship with food. Instead of sticking to a diet mindset, we encourage women to hone a more intuitive approach to eating. We teach our community to take inspiration from the intuitive eating principles, including:

  • Honoring one’s hunger and fullness
  • Respecting and accepting your body
  • Eating food that makes you feel good (physically and emotionally)
  • Ditching the diet mindset
  • Making peace with the food products you used to hate so much
  • Finding better ways to cope with emotional hunger

6. I deserve to feel happy

Happiness is one of the most beautiful things that we can have in this world. And yet, some people find it hard to accept that they deserve happiness. This may be because of toxic relationships, poor lifestyle choices, previous mistakes, or severed connections with loved ones. Others constantly punish themselves for failing to live up to their expectations.

If you’re stuck in a similar situation, find the time and courage to remind yourself that you deserve happiness. You deserve to prioritize your needs. If you have been neglecting yourself for too long, here are some things you can try to reignite the inner flame you lost:

  • Reconnect with people you love
  • Find time to create new things
  • Contribute and extend your helping hands to people in need
  • Cancel static and negative energy in your life
  • Recognize the things that inspire you

7. I work out because I want to become healthier

Many women perceive workout routines as a punishment for overindulging in food. Unfortunately, this is among the main reasons why thousands struggle to stay on track with their fitness and wellness journey.

To avoid making the same mistake, we recommend changing how you see physical activities like exercises. Instead of thinking, “I am working out because I hate my shape or my current weight,” say, “I want to become healthy for myself and for the people I love.” Aim to engage in physical activities because you value your health and body.

Embrace Body Positivity by Developing a Warrior Strong Mindset

Body positivity plays a pivotal role in achieving a happy and content life. However, it’s no secret that cultivating a body-positive Mindset doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and proper guidance to crush your old beliefs, silence your inner critic and become a Warrior Strong woman.

Hopefully, you will be one step closer to achieving a happier and more well-rounded life by using the seven self-loving and body-positive mantras above. We hope you put these thoughts into practice and integrate them into your daily routine.

Need more help in nurturing a self-loving and body-positive mindset? Unlock the secrets to living Warrior Strong Forever with our fantastic resources on mindset training and health and wellness coaching.

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