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Seeing Beyond Body Size: How to Nurture Body Confidence

Do you struggle with body confidence issues? Master how to cope by learning from Living Warrior Strong with Mary Ricciardi and reading our discussion.

Thousands of women aim to achieve a slimmer figure at an early age. That's why before even hitting puberty, many would pinch parts of their bodies like their thighs and love handles and wish they were in a smaller size. Unfortunately, this mindset has led to guilt, shame, and lack of body confidence in many women. It’s the very reason why many feel frustrated and hell-bent to restrict their diets and maximize their free time to work out.

That’s why I have committed to teaching the basic principles of body confidence. Having a Warrior Strong Mindset helps you break free from old and destructive notions about health and wellness. It also aims to nurture self-love and self-acceptance – two of the most important things you need to pursue to have a happy life.

Learn more about this mindset and how it plays a part in helping you see beyond your body size and nurture body confidence.


Body Confidence is Beyond Numbers and Shapes

Most people define body confidence with the numbers they see on the scale, the amount of body fat in their body, and the size of their hips or waist. However, in truth, there's more to see beyond these metrics. Ultimately, I believe that it comes down to how you feel when you look in the mirror, the things you can do with the body you have, and the personality that drives your every single action. It’s also about the conscious decisions that you make to achieve a healthier and happier you.

A more integrative perspective on how your body looks and feels will allow you to nurture life-changing habits such as intuitive eating and embrace a positive mindset.


Nurturing Body Confidence: Basic Steps and Tips

No matter where you are in your wellness and health journey, I hope you invest more time and effort to build your self-esteem and body confidence. If you're not sure where to start, I have gathered some expert tips you can try.

#1. Don’t fear or hate the mirror

Avoiding or hating the mirror will only leave a more negative impact on your self-esteem and body confidence. If you constantly find yourself nitpicking your appearance in the mirror, here are some actionable tips you can do:

  • Think of something positive about how you look - It could be the healthy glow in your skin or the happiness in your eyes when you wear your favorite top.
  • Face the negativity head-on - It might take time to change your perspective or silence the negative chatter in your head. But, if you put in the effort and practice the principles of Living Warrior Strong with Mary Ricciardi, you can most definitely overcome the self-hate and fear.

#2. Tap into the power of positive affirmations

Positive affirmations can motivate you to keep moving forward with whatever health, lifestyle, or fitness goal you have in your life. They can also challenge you to push through self-limiting opinions that you have on your body. Here are some of the most practical tips in practicing positive affirmation every day:

  • List your best qualities and celebrate them
  • Speak out or verbalize your affirmations
  • Take the necessary steps to amplify the effects of your positive affirmations
  • Find the perfect time to say your positive reminders to yourself

#3. Pamper yourself because you deserve it!

Show your body some love, and you will most definitely reap the rewards! Even the simplest things like putting on a new perfume or getting a new haircut can have plenty of tangible benefits on your body image and confidence. If you feel generous, you can most certainly explore other options such as:

  • Booking a day at a local spa
  • Trying a relaxing massage
  • Shopping for a new pair of shoes
  • Spending time at the gym for an energizing workout routine
  • Trying the 10-step Korean facial care routine for a supple skin

Living Warrior Strong with Mary Ricciardi – Your Key to a Happier You

There are undoubtedly many things that you should celebrate in life. It would be a shame to be trapped in a vicious cycle of self-loathing because of how you associate your value with your body size. Remember ladies: there’s no shame in having stretch marks, a flat chest, or curves everywhere. They don’t define your value as a person or dictate what you can or can’t do in life.

The sooner you accept that and let everything sink in, the better you can focus on pursuing a happy and content version of yourself. Let us help you get to that framework of thinking. I understand that transitioning to a more self-accepting and self-loving mindset is no simple feat for many women. That’s why I offer several helpful resources here at Warrior Strong Wellness.

If you are tired of having zero body confidence and spending most of your time questioning your lifestyle choices, then maybe learning from Living Warrior Strong with Mary Ricciardi can help. Nurture your body confidence and self-acceptance by checking out our mindset training resources.


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