Bone Health: All That Women Need To Know

Bone Health: All That Women Need To Know

Human bones are surprisingly strong and hard yet light enough so that we’re able to move about and perform several activities in the course of a day. Bones are composed of proteins, calcium and other minerals, tissues and living cells. They are of different types – specifically so evolved as to serve different needs of the body. Our blood cells are actually produced in the marrow of the bones; bones also store minerals for use when required. Bones fuse together as the requirements change according to age. So yes, bones are extremely important for our daily functioning.

In spite of them being so hard and strong, they are susceptible to breakage, and deterioration; yet, they can be fortified and repaired too. They need a lot of care and nourishment to be healthy.


Why Women Have more Bone Problems

Women need to take special care of their bones – they are more prone to fractures and bone deterioration than men. And this does not apply solely to menopausal women – it applies to women of all ages. Did you know that about half the women who cross the age of 50 are likely to break a bone, or that 80% of osteoporosis patients are women? Yes! This is especially true of women who have carried a baby to term, and have breastfed the baby. The growing fetus in the womb takes everything it needs from its bother – including calcium and vitamin D for its bones, and so does a baby who drinks its mother’s milk.

Now you know how crucial it is that you take whatever steps possible to maintain healthy bones and prevent bone diseases and deterioration.

Women produce the hormone estrogen which helps protects bones; however, with advancing age, as women approach menopause, estrogen levels start dropping significantly. This causes the bone density to decrease. It is roughly estimated that a woman can lose 20% of her bone density over a period of 5 years of menopause!

How to Prevent or Delay Osteoporosis

The most vital nutrients bones need to stay healthy are calcium and vitamin D. You can get these from foods like dairy, mangoes, beans, lentils, leafy greens, fatty fish, prunes, figs, apricots, oranges, beef liver, and so on. You get vitamin D from the sun – make sure you spend time outside in the mornings in the mild sun. You also need to exercise to strengthen bones and build muscle mass.

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