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Can Vitamin D Help You Age Gracefully?

Aging is a natural and inevitable chapter of life. It begins to take effect as early as 30 years old and can set off all kinds of changes in your body as the years go by. Some examples of these changes included increased risks for cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, bone fractures, hypertension, and even type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, you might be able to protect yourself from these problems and help your body age gracefully with the help of the Warrior Strong Wellness Vitamin D3 and K3 capsules.


Aging and Vitamin D: What's the Connection?

Vitamin D is an essential (fat-soluble) vitamin that supports several physiological processes. A few notable examples of these include:

  • Increased calcium absorption in the bones
  • Stronger bones and connective tissues
  • Reinforced the immune system
  • Nerve protection and repair
  • Protection against autoimmune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Blood pressure regulation

Sadly, your body's ability to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight and other sources becomes less efficient as you age. So, you may need to supplement your meals with products such as the Warrior Strong Wellness Vitamin D3 and K3 capsules. Otherwise, you become highly susceptible to all kinds of problems, including those listed below:


Poor calcium absorption is a common health concern than affects aging women. That's why it's surprising why studies say that about 25 percent of aging women in America develop osteoporosis. Unfortunately, this condition can increase your vulnerability to fractures, degenerative disc diseases, and postural imbalances.

Poor immune system

Vitamin D plays several roles in maintaining immune health. One example is immune regulation – an essential physiological process that prevents excessive inflammation or over-activation of the T and B cells (cells in charge of detecting and eliminating pathogens or infected cells).

Cardiovascular problems

Cardiovascular issues like atherosclerosis and hypertension are also quite common among aging women because of various plaque buildup. Researchers note that you can avoid arterial plaque buildup if you consume enough Vitamin D daily. That's because Vitamin D ensures the proper transport of calcium molecules from the gut to the bone cells.

As you might know, arterial plaque consists of various molecules, including calcium, cholesterol, and fibrin. Naturally, if you have vitamin D deficiency, calcium particles might get stuck in your blood vessels instead of heading straight to your bones.


Work on Your Vitamin D Intake to Combat Effects of Aging

You might be thinking, "But I spend a lot of time outside. That should be enough to get my daily vitamin D intake!" Researchers note that other factors can contribute to the risk of deficiency, especially in older people.

As mentioned above, your skin's ability to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight gradually declines. So, instead of producing approximately 10,000 IU/day of vitamin D3 from daily sunlight exposure, aging people make a third of the original amount.

If you have started noticing signs of aging, you should consider supplementing your body's natural Vitamin D production. You have several options available, ranging from the Warrior Strong Wellness Vitamin D3 and K2 supplement to local food options.


So can you increase your vitamin D intake with the right food items? Simple answer? Yes! Some foods are indeed high in Vitamin D. One example is Atlantic salmon. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Food Composition Database, a serving of Atlantic salmon has about 526 IU of Vitamin D. Other oily fish such as Herring and sardines are also high in vitamin D.

According to the Journal of Nutrition, 100% of Americans over two fail to eat 400 IU of vitamin D daily. Sadly, this leaves many people nutrient deficient because the body requires a minimum of 3,000 IU per day.


Your body can generate vitamin D from sunlight if you get enough sunlight exposure. Studies note that whole-body exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes can help you synthesize up to 250 μg of Vitamin D.


If you don't spend much time basking under sun or have a medical condition that increases your need for vitamin D, you may need to take a supplement. As you age, you must ensure that your bones are strong and healthy. We recommend taking the Warrior Strong Wellness Vitamin D3 and K2 Veggie Capsules.

Each supplement bottle contains 60 capsules, giving you enough Vitamin D and K supply for two months. The capsule has 5000 IU D3, roughly equivalent to staying under the sun for 10 minutes. It also features Vitamin K2, a synergistic vitamin that helps amplify the health benefits provided by Vitamin D3.


Say Yes to a Warrior Strong You – No Matter The Age!

At Warrior Strong Wellness, we believe that regardless of age, shape, size, or color, women can be Warrior Strong 365 days a year. With the help of a powerful and transformative mindset and a range of products such as Vitamin D supplements, we believe you can most certainly unlock a whole new level of health and wellness.

Are you ready to say yes to more time spent with your family? Would you like to say yes to a Warrior Strong version of yourself? We got you covered!

Our Warrior Strong Wellness supplements are a source of life-boosting ingredients that can help you embrace the body's natural aging process. We encourage you to order a bottle of the Warrior Strong Wellness Vitamin D3 and K3 food supplement. You may also check out the rest of our product offers and our helpful resources for women.


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