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8 Collagen-Boosting Foods for a Healthier and Stronger Body

Want faster natural collagen production? Besides multi collagen protein powder, check out the top 8 collagen-boosting foods you should include in your diet.

Whenever people hear about collagen, skin health comes to mind right away. That’s because you often see collagen plastered on the labels of almost every anti-aging beauty product in the market. On top of that, many beauty magazines, bloggers, and influencers promote the use of multi collagen protein powder to maintain a timeless and youthful look.

However, there’s more collagen than preventing the skin from sagging as you reach your golden days. In fact, collagen provides a ton of health benefits ranging from better management of autoimmune disorders like celiac to natural relieving painful joints.

The body naturally produces collagen by breaking down the proteins that you eat. Unfortunately, factors like aging, genetic problems, poor lifestyle choices, and pollution exposure can slow down collagen production and degrade stored collagen. Eventually, this leads to a plethora of health problems.

Good thing, you can counter these problems by consuming products like the multi collagen protein powder and these top 8 collagen-boosting foods we listed below.

#1. Fish

Fish collagen or marine collagen is one of the finest sources of Type 1 collagen. This specific type of collagen mainly comprises the skin, bones, tendons, and other parts of the body, except for the cartilage. Marine collagen also comes in handy in stabilizing blood sugars, fighting pathogens, and boosting bone strength.

Unfortunately, the collagen-rich parts of a fish, like the skin, frequently get thrown away. If you would like to eat fish skin as a source of collagen-boosting ingredients, remember the following tips:

  • Make sure to clean the skin and remove all the scales
  • Opt for low-mercury fish like flounder, salmon, cod, and catfish
  • Cook your fish fillet skin side down to get a crispy texture
  • Minimize consumption of flavored fish skin as they contain high levels of sodium and fat

#2. Citrus fruits

There’s a reason why you see more and more beauty products containing Vitamin C. A study explains that ascorbic acid, which usually occurs in citrus fruits, plays a pivotal role in promoting collagen production. On top of that, vitamin C from your favorite citrus also protects the body from free radicals that could inflict damage to cells and tissues and hasten healing after a musculoskeletal injury.


#3. Egg whites

Unlike animal meat, egg whites don’t have connective tissues. However, they have a lot of proline, a protein that serves as a precursor ingredient in making collagen. In fact, food data reveals that one large egg with roughly 33 grams of egg whites can have up to 144 mg of proline.

#4. Leafy veggies

Green leafy vegetables always get included in healthy food checklists. That’s because they have several nutrients, including chlorophyll or the green pigment of plants. As it turns out, chlorophyll can improve facial elasticity and reduce wrinkles. This might result from the fact that chlorophyll amplifies the number of ingredients needed to manufacture collagen inside the body.

#5. Beans

Beans are an indispensable ingredient in vegan cooking because they make a fitting replacement for meat. Besides that, beans have also acquired quite the reputation as a collagen-enhancing ingredient. It has large amounts of protein, fatty acids, copper, retinol, and vitamin E. All of these nutrients contribute to boosting your collagen production.

#6. Nuts and Seeds

Love munching on nuts and seeds during snack time? Nuts and seeds aren’t only rich in dietary fiber, healthy fats (Omega-3s), vitamins, and minerals but also in collagen precursors like Lysine. They are also relatively high in vitamin E, one of the most crucial vitamins you need in your system if you want to combat the first few aging signs. Some of the most nutritious nuts and seeds that you should add to your shopping list include hemp, chia, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

#7. Bell peppers

Love appetizers like stuffed bell peppers and roasted red bell peppers? Apart from being quite tasty, bell peppers, particularly the red ones, are pretty rich in vitamin C. So if you’re out of citrus, red bell peppers make an excellent alternative source of ascorbic acid for the day. One cup of chopped red bell pepper alone contains around 190 mg of vitamin C or roughly three times more than an average-sized orange!

#8. Bone Broth

Although clinical studies on bone broth and its health benefits remain scarce, many people attest to its effectiveness and potency. Essentially, animal bones contain high levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other essential minerals. They can also have plenty of collagen.

To make a batch of bone broth at home, simmer animal bones and connective tissues. Then, you will need to add a few drops of vinegar to help breakdown tissues and release nutrients found inside the bones and other tissues. You can choose from various animal meat, including beef, pork, turkey, lamb, veal, chicken, and fish.

There are also available bone broth supplements in the market that you can easily mix with your drinks, such as smoothies and juices, or simply to a glass of water.

Multi Collagen Protein Powder – Your Daily Source of Goodness

The best part about the list of food products we listed above is that you can readily find them in your local groceries. The only challenge is to find a way for you to integrate them into your daily meals. If you find it a bit hard to think of recipes that would work best for the ten collagen-boosting food products above, you can always turn to multi collagen protein powder.

The Pure Hydrolyzed Multi Collagen Protein Powder is the perfect blending of nutrient-rich ingredients like eggshell collagen peptides, chicken, grass-fed beef, and wild fish. And, because this collagen powder comes in a hydrolyzed form, it doesn’t affect the flavor of any food you prepare. It also dissolves quickly, making it easy for you to include it in any recipe.

Regular use of multi collagen protein powder can provide you with a long list of perks, including:

  • Better immune system response
  • Faster tissue and muscle repair
  • Quicker recovery from muscle injuries
  • Stronger and healthier nails
  • Longer and shinier hair strands
  • Lesser risk from bone and joint pains
  • Improved skin elasticity and quality
  • Enhanced digestive function
  • Augment collagen production of your body

If you want to stimulate more collagen production, the Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder can definitely help. Simply mix a scoop of this multi collagen protein powder on your smoothy, stew, soup, or gravy. Feel free to add it to any meal, snack, or drink and consume it every day to enjoy its incredible benefits. Check out the Warrior Strong Wellness store today to order your collagen protein powder.

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