Treadmill Free, Fun Ways to Exercise and Stay Fit

Treadmill Free, Fun Ways to Exercise and Stay Fit

Some were born runners. Some grow to love running while at the other end of the spectrum are people who dread the treadmill! Of course, you know you need exercise but you simply can’t get yourself to go to the gym and sweat it out, running and still getting nowhere! Does the very thought drive you crazy? That’s why you are here!

Life is sedentary for most of us; sitting before your computer through the long unending office hours or binge watching your favorite series on Netflix at home. Without any form of physical activity, we find ourselves becoming sluggish and feeling tired all the time.

But I hate the treadmill, you must be thinking. Exercise isn’t running four hours at your gym, neither is it about binge eating after burning calories!

Exercise is getting your body out of its comfort zone and doing something that can increase your heart rate. So what do you do? Make your “workout” regime FUN!


Here’s how you could add a fun physical activity to your day, to get you movin’!

  1. Play video games that make you move! Yes, you read that right. Not all video games lead to lack of exercise, violence and obesity. Wii Fit, Wii Tennis, Xbox Dance central etc. are games that will keep you on your feet. You’ve got to move, if you want to win. It is a great form of exercise, if you play such games for an hour on a daily basis. Sweat it out playing video games! Sounds fun, right?
  2. Ride a bike - As hard as it sounds, your body is going to thank you for it! Ride a bike to work, to your grocery store, to your friends place or just simply ride. You could save a ton on fuel and also the gym membership while still getting a workout!
  3. Take dance lessons - Do you break into a move when they play your favorite song? Make it part of your workout then. Join a dance class and put on ‘em dance shoes! Zumba, swing dancing, hip-hop or tango; any dance form can have you sweating in not more than ten minutes! Go sign up for your favorite one.
  4. Yoga - Join a yoga class. Although yoga is a spiritual and physical practice to awaken your mind and body, it is now considered as an exercise routine to build flexibility and strength and relax your mind as well. The combination of stretch poses, deep breathing and meditation may be the form of activity you need!
  5. Walk your dog - Who better than your dog to go on walks with! Your dog needs exercise, just like you do. Plan a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood, with breaks to keep your pet and you from getting overworked. A little sprint with your dog tugging on the leash would do the magic. Don’t forget the poop bag though!
  6. Strength training - Sports such as soccer, tennis, rowing, lacrosse, hockey etc. require strength training. Strength training includes muscular strength, improved muscle tone and appearance and a boost in bone density. Weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting are also activities that include a strength training regimen. It tones your body and improves your overall health and fitness and also boosts your mood.

But, your body needs essential nutrients alongside the physical activity, to keep you fit. Use supplements such as collagen bone broth protein powder, to give the added nourishment you need, to stay fit.

Happy exercising!

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