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Exercise: The Perfect Start to Altering Gut Microbiota

The gut microbiota comprises all of the microbes living in your intestines. You are likely well aware that what we eat can affect the healthy bacteria in our gut in either a positive or negative way. You may even be taking a bone broth collagen supplement to help restore your gut bacteria. On the other hand, you may be surprised to learn that your activity level can also affect the health of your gut microbiota. That is what we are going to focus our attention on today.


The Impact of Exercise on Good Bacteria in the Gut in Mice

One group of researchers performed a study with mice to see if exercise would affect the gut microbiota. Three groups of mice took part in the research. One group was sedentary. One group was able to utilize a wheel for exercise. They bred the third group of mice to have no gut bacteria. Fecal matter was transferred from both sedentary and active mice to the group with no bacteria. The results in the gut microbiota of the specially bred mice were exciting. The mice that were able to exercise had higher levels of healthy gut bacteria and were able to produce more of a chemical that reduces inflammation in the body.

While it is nice to know that exercise is suitable for a mouse's gut, we want to see how this will help humans. That’s why another study involving sedentary and active humans took place.

The Impact of Exercise on Good Bacteria in the Gut in Humans

There were 32 adults participating in the study. Before the research, all of them were sedentary, but only 14 were obese. All 32 participants then began a workout program while under supervision. The exercise periods were 30-60 minutes in length and took place three times per week. There was no change in the diet of the participants. After six weeks of regular exercise, the participants went back to their sedentary lifestyles for another six weeks. What were the results?

Like the mice, there was a significant increase in the good bacteria in the gut of the subjects of the human trials while exercising. These stats immediately began to decrease after going back to a sedentary lifestyle.

This is far from the only study that links exercise to a healthy gut. In fact, two more studies show similar results since the 2018 study noted above. So what does this mean for us?


Get Your Gut the Exercise It Needs

The results of these studies echo the results of years of research. It all comes back to the same thing. We need regular exercise! Exercise is good for cardiovascular health, respiratory health, pain levels, and yes – gut bacteria.

Now don’t let the fact that studies did not include dietary changes fool you. Our diet is one of the crucial elements of a healthy gut. However, these studies avoided diet changes to isolate the benefits of exercise, so no one could say that diet impacted the results.

How can you add more exercise into your routine in order to heal your gut microbiota?

  • Start a new exercise routine – Remember that, in the study, participants only had to exercise three times per week to get results. Just be sure that you are performing 30 to 60-minute exercise routines.
  • Be more active in daily life – Take a daily walk, walk for nearby errands instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park further away from stores instead of always looking for the closest spot.

Don’t forget to consult a physician before making any significant changes in your exercise routine. Your physician will know best what type of exercise program is best for your current health level.

Who is going to benefit the most from these improvements in gut bacteria? While all of us need this boost to our gut microbiota, let’s look at some groups who will benefit the most.


Who Will Benefit the Most from Exercise to Improve Gut Bacteria?

The gut microbiota affects everything from digestion to the immune system to blood sugar levels to inflammation. Therefore, just about anyone living with an autoimmune condition or some type of chronic health disorder will be in line to experience the most significant results. For example, inflammatory bowel diseases, like Crohn’s disease, involve a combination of gut, immune, and inflammation issues.

So now we know that the combination of diet and exercise is essential for more than just weight loss. It is also necessary for anyone who needs to repair leaky gut, improve immune function, or reduce inflammation in the body. If you live with a condition that causes issues in any of these areas, be sure to have a physician help you find the best exercise routine.

Combine Your New Exercise Routine with a Bone Broth Collagen Supplement

In 2017, researchers took on a project involving diet to enhance gut microbiota, and the results were terrific. There were digestive benefits as well as other physical and emotional improvements for the 21 patients in the study. Participants even enjoyed cognitive benefits, leading the researchers to encourage a special diet for those with conditions ranging from IBS to generalized anxiety.

Do you want to supplement your new exercise routine with a powerful bone broth collagen supplement (study participants consumed bone broth in weeks two through four of the study)? Then Warrior Strong Wellness is here for you. Try our Collagen Bone Broth Protein Powder today!

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