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Experts Advise R.E.S.T. to Optimize Your Immunity

Each of our bodies is a collection of interconnected systems working together, so we cannot expect one cure-all trick to resolve all issues in our bodies—whether it’s getting 8 hours of sleep, 10 minutes of exercise each day, drinking 2 liters of water, or taking the best collagen protein powder. These measures alone are not enough; that’s not how it works! You can, however, work on improving your immune system holistically, using our tips below for a better chance of optimizing your body's defenses.


Calibrating Your Immune System

A solid immune system gives you a greater fighting chance against disease and anything causing you pain or discomfort. The tricky part is that achieving a rock-solid immune system does not happen overnight. Dosing yourself with all the pills or vitamins you can get your hands on—be it the most popular chewable multivitamin today or the best collagen protein powder in your pantry—will not make you healthier or bolster your immunity, even if you do that for one straight week. Improving your immune system is more of a marathon than a sprint. As Princeton University professor of health psychology, Nicole Avena Ph.D. shared:

“You've got to take an all-in holistic approach if you're going to keep your immune system in fighting form."

This means that you have to focus on activities connected to the four pillars of wellness - sleep, relaxation, proper nourishment, and physical vigor. Addressing these classic health habits that are often taken for granted due to life’s other more fun and exciting delights can improve our lives and lead us to our best selves.


Things That Experts Do for Better Overall Health

Doctors and other health experts are humans, too; therefore, they too are susceptible to temptations and distractions that affect their health and wellness in one way or another. The only difference is that they have more background and understanding of how certain things affect the body.

So what better way of learning more about how we can boost our immune system and stay healthy than from their very own arsenal of what-works tips – ways used personally by experts of various medical fields. With that, we have gone through numerous resources to collect the most straightforward and sensible expert tips that will be easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, just for you!

1. Clinical psychologist Beatrice Tauber Prior, PsyD, suggests that staying in the present moment greatly helps keep stress at bay.

If you find yourself worrying about something from your past or future, remind yourself of what is true in your present. Think of the good things and all you have in right now. This simple trick of taking control of the situation can prevent you from falling into a dark rabbit hole of worrying that intensifies your stress levels.

2. Emergency physician, Ian Braithwaite, MD at The Royal London Hospital, shares that he uses a fitness band to track his sleep and heart rate, so he can decide how to plan his days better.

Doing so makes him more ready and accountable for his commitments and efforts to his chosen (healthy and physically active) lifestyle.


3. Sleep researcher and neuroscience and behavior assistant professor at Barnard College of Columbia University, Maria de la Paz Fernandez, suggests committing to a solid sleep and wake-up schedule consistently every day, including the weekends.

This allows her to have sufficient rest and energy for all her activities.

4. Registered dietitian and nutritionist, Mikka Knapp, makes sure that she eats healthily every day.

She personally opts for magnesium-rich foods as they help relax the brain and body.

5. Osteopathic physician and certified practitioner at the Institute for Functional Medicine, Lisa Ballehr, DO, practices conscious movement daily by dedicating about 20 to 30 minutes of her day doing simple physical activities such as walking or stretching.

She believes that moderate exercise gives the body just the right amount of strength and immunity without the risk of overexertion.


Think R.E.S.T.

Ensuring overall protection and immunity from the many health problems that plague our world today is a pretty grand endeavor, but it is not impossible. Certain lifestyle changes can help you jumpstart your way to it, and if you couple that with diligence and consistency, success will be within your reach.

With these experts’ advice in mind, it appears that the key to stronger immunity boils down to one thing: REST!

R – Reduce stress

E – Exercise regularly

S – Sleep well

T – Take supplements

Let’s delve more into this simple system to see how it helps optimize your immune system and protect you from infection and diseases for a better, fuller life.


R – Reduce stress

Stress is a common trigger of many health problems; therefore, managing it is an excellent way to steer clear of many diseases and ailments. There are several ways to reduce one’s stress level, such as meditation, painting, baking, or something as simple as detaching from toxic things and people. It is different for everyone, but mainly it is any activity or practice that you do or would happily spend your “me-time” doing because it calms you and gives you reprieve from the pressures and demands of everyday life.

Once you’ve found the “stress-reliever” that works for you, stick to it and be happily surprised by the plethora of positive changes it brings to your life. To name a few benefits, lower stress leads to stronger immunity, happier mood, and better weight control.


E – Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps the body stay in shape and improves mood due to the endorphins released in the body during the activity. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers. These natural body chemicals are basically there to combat pain and stress – the very things we want to eliminate, thus our quest to boost our immune system. And so, the more you exercise, the more endorphins are released into your system. It does not have to be the heavy and demanding body-building kind of exercise. In fact, moderate exercise is recommended because this does not put too much strain on one’s muscles, requiring less recovery time while still building good body health and durability.

Consistent, moderate involvement in physical activities bolsters one’s immunity by lowering cholesterol, encouraging blood pumps throughout the body, regulating your digestive tract, and strengthening bones and muscles.

S – Sleep well

Studies show that people with less than six hours of sleep are more likely to get sick than those who regularly enjoy seven hours of shut-eye – giving way to the idea that getting ample sleep improves one’s immunity. This makes total sense, as lack of sleep causes disorientation and energy deficiency, leading to a sedentary lifestyle and, ultimately, disease.

Establish a solid schedule for sleep to better control and manage your time and energy, leading to a more productive and healthy life.


T – Take in healthy food and supplements

Our bodies need sustenance to function properly; we will wither and die without it! However, what we take in cannot be just whatever is accessible or tasty. Your diet is responsible for the nutrients that your body receives and distributes to all its parts, so you must fuel yourself with good food with more than enough nutrients to ensure the optimal function of all your systems.

With food and drinks, it is recommended that you choose the more natural and organic options as overconsumption of processed ones can significantly increase your blood sugar level, cholesterol, and other unnecessary and harmful chemicals in your system, affecting your immunity and overall health.

On the other hand, choosing the right supplements can be trickier. For some time now, there has been a massive surge in the variety and popularity of these products, making it difficult to know the best options to choose. With each brand claiming to be the most effective Omega 3, the best collagen protein powder, or the highest good-bacteria-packed probiotic, it has become very difficult to find the most credible and effective one. The best trick? Find a brand that resonates with you, and you are more likely to get your money’s worth.


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