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Gut Health Benefits from Drinking Red Wine

The idea that red wine can help gut health is as old as the Holy Scriptures. In fact, the Apostle Paul told Timothy to take a little wine instead of water for his stomach. A paper published in 2019 may give the scientific evidence to back up that nearly 2,000-year-old advice! What were the results of the study?

The author of the research studied more than 900 women in the UK. Combined with other research in Belgium and the US, the total number of participants in the study was in the thousands. The results were astounding. The gut microbiome of the women who were moderately drinking red wine was much healthier and diverse than the gut microbiome of those drinking other beverages.


The Benefits of Red Wine Are Expanding

It’s no secret that red wine is good for you when consumed responsibly. While no one knows precisely why red wine is good for heart health, researchers have proved it time and again in their studies. Now we can see the benefits for gut health as well.

The researchers believe this phenomenon may relate to the antioxidants in red wine. Polyphenols naturally occur in many health foods such as vegetables and fruits. When it comes to grapes, the highest concentration of this compound is in the skins. The result is a beverage that contains some genuine health benefits.

While the study was mainly looking for how the wine affected gut health, they found other benefits as well. For example, they made a connection between moderate use of red wine and less bad cholesterol. Gut health improvements may be responsible for this factor, as well. Additionally, the red wine drinkers also had a lower rate of obesity.


How Often Do You Have to Drink to Get the Benefits?

Don’t worry if you are not a big fan of red wine. The researchers found that a person only has to have about one glass every two weeks to see some benefits. On the other hand, if you really enjoy wine, having a nightly glass with dinner may have an even more significant impact. Just be careful not to overindulge which can offset the benefits and cause many other health problems.


So is red wine (white wine did not have the same effects) some sort of cure-all? Unfortunately, this is not the case. However, when it comes to your heart and your gut, it appears that you can get some outstanding overall health benefits by doing something that most people find enjoyable anyway. So the next time you sit down to a meal with friends or family, don’t be afraid to pour yourself a glass of wine. It may just be what your body needs.

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Reasons to Choose Dry Farm Wines

Whether you are drinking red wine for health, taste, or a combination of the two, Dry Farm Wines is the natural wine club for you. Here are a few of the reasons to give it a try:

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  • 100% Happiness Promise – They are so confident in the wines they produce and sell that you only pay for the bottles you like. If there is one that doesn’t meet your standards, you can still drink it for the health benefits, but you won’t have to pay for it.
  • Low Alcohol – If you have a low tolerance for alcohol, you may still enjoy these bottles, which are always under 12.5% alcohol by volume.

So go ahead and join the club with confidence!


Another Way to Improve Your Gut Health

Besides red wine, collagen bone broth is another excellent way to improve your gut health that is backed by scientific research. In fact, if you are dealing with leaky gut, collagen bone broth can help you to heal. This can stop the toxins from leaking into your bloodstream and can allow your gut to start absorbing nutrients properly again.

Once again, Warrior Strong Wellness is here to help with our Collagen Bone Broth Protein Powder. It is a non-GMO and gluten free formula to match your dietary needs, and it contains all the right peptides in a bioavailable format. That means your body can absorb it and begin to heal, even if the reason you need to heal is that your gut is not absorbing nutrients properly.

As always, part of the proceeds when you shop with Warrior Strong Wellness goes to childhood cancer research. So you are not only improving your health, but you are also helping the little warriors who are fighting this terrible illness. So go ahead and order with confidence in the benefits of bone broth for your health and with pride in the fact that you are helping to make a difference in the community.

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