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How to Heal Leaky Gut in Four Steps

You probably hear a lot about leaky gut when researching health. What is leaky gut? Is it possible that this problem is at the root of your symptoms? We’re going to answer those essential questions and then reveal to you a four-step plan to get rid of leaky gut and help your body start the healing process!


What Is Leaky Gut?

First of all, this is not an official diagnosis that you are going to receive at a doctor’s office. Leaky gut a colloquial term for an intestinal tract that is not doing its job correctly. As you may know, the small intestines are in charge of absorbing nutrients from the food you are digesting. Anything that is a waste product gets passed along to the large intestines and expelled.

The problem is that this process only works when the lining of your intestines is healthy and functioning properly. There is any number of reasons that your gut lining may end up compromised. When this occurs, your body may stop absorbing the nutrients it needs. Without those nutrients, you could end up undernourished or have all sorts of health problems due to nutrient, mineral, or vitamin deficiencies.

On the other hand, a leaky gut can also allow waste particles into the bloodstream. These particles can then flow throughout the body, causing inflammation, spreading bacteria, and wreaking havoc in general. It is no wonder that symptoms of leaky gut range from food sensitivities and IBS to thyroid problems, skin conditions, and depression or anxiety.

Clearly, if you are living with leaky gut, it is crucial to correct the issue. Here is a four-step plan to get your health turned around.


Step 1: Eliminate Toxins That Could Be Hurting Your Gut

Start with your food. An elimination diet can help you to determine foods that you are presently sensitive to. Don’t worry; you may be able to add some of these back to your diet once your leaky gut heals.

Next, move on to cosmetics and other personal care products, cleaning products, and anything else in your life that may contain harmful chemicals. Switch to natural versions. While you may not be ingesting these things, they can still have an impact on the health of your gut.

Step 2: Get Control of Inflammation

Many of the symptoms caused by leaky gut are the result of inflammation that occurs throughout the body. How can you cut back on inflammation? The most important way is through improving your diet. First, you have to start by cutting out things that cause inflammation. We already addressed food sensitivities in our first step. Now you have to cut out general things that cause inflammation like foods that are high in sugar, overly processed, and fast food.

While cutting out foods that lead to inflammation is essential, you also need to eat foods that reduce swelling. You can find some vital foods to add to your diet here in our blog on the top anti-inflammatory foods.

Step 3: Replenish Good Gut Bacteria

A lot of the bacteria in your gut are essential for your overall health and especially the health of your intestines. Probiotics are necessary when you are trying to get control of your gut health and restore it to normal. There are many probiotics on the market, so here are a few quick tips to help you find one that will actually do something for your body.

  • Look for a minimum of 1 billion CFUs
  • Make sure the CFUs are guaranteed until the expiration date and not just at the time of production.
  • Look for a product that releases in the intestines: your stomach acids will destroy the good bacteria.
  • Shelf-stable: If your probiotics have to be refrigerated, you may not take them on vacation, or you may leave them out by accident and have to toss an expensive bottle.
  • Check the probiotic strains: you mostly want B and L strains (this is the genus) – others are filler bacteria to boost the final CFU count
  • Prebiotics help feed the probiotics, so a combo supplement will save you from needing two separate supplements

Step 4: Repair the Damage

Congratulations, you are almost there! You are reducing inflammation, removing the source of gut problems, and helping restore the balance of good bacteria. Now it is time to heal the damage. This is where a multi-collagen protein powder can help. Collagen is the protein that is found the most in the human body. It is a fundamental building block for your skin, bones, muscles, and your gut. That’s right – this vital protein is the perfect supplement for healing because it the main protein in your intestines.

Like any protein, collagen is comprised of amino acids. If you provide your body with the right amino acids, it will produce the collagen you need. And the amino acids are easier for the body to absorb, which is particularly crucial while you are still healing. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to two multi-collagen protein powder products that can help you get your gut back on track.

Warrior Strong Wellness is proud to offer some of the best collagen protein sources. So be sure to pair our supplements with your four-step program for helping your gut to recover.

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