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Why You May Experience Increased Joint Pain During Summer

Does increased joint pain and summer have a connection? Learn the truth and how to deal with the pain with the best collagen peptides regardless of the weather.

Summer is, without a doubt, the best time of the year to do outdoor activities. It’s great for camping, gardening, spending time with your family, going on a trip, drinking your favorite smoothies with the best collagen peptides powder, you name it. However, to some people, the summer heat can cause discomfort, not to mention joint pain. But why exactly does this happen? What’s the connection between increased joint pain and summer?

Effect of the Summer Heat On Your Joints

Pain disorders such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia tend to get aggravated by temperature changes. While others report pain during the colder seasons, many note that they have worse problems like throbbing joints throughout the summer.

Studies explain that summertime joint pain results from the excessive expansion of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons during a hot day. As these muscle and connective tissues expand, they put undue pressure on your joints, causing you to experience mild or severe discomfort.

Additional studies also say that joint pain is worse during summer because of dehydration. According to Orthopedic Associates, lack of fluid or water in the body can lead to the onset of joint pain or chronic pain disorder flare-up.

Primarily, this happens because the amount of water in the body affects the quality and integrity of the synovial fluid. Essentially, synovial fluid is the lubricating fluid found on various joints to prevent the bones from coming into contact with each other.

You will likely find it challenging to move around without the cushioning material in place, especially as the hot temperature peaks from July to August.


How to Keep Away Summertime Joint Pain

It would be such a shame to miss all the fun activities that summer has to offer. Just imagine how terrible it would feel if you don’t get to enjoy a lovely bonding time with your families and friends because of your achy joints or other related chronic pain disorders.

Thankfully, you can tap into various remedies to help you keep your summertime joint pain at bay. Here are some expert health and fitness tips you can try:

Stocking up on your go-to creams

Topical medication that suppresses joint inflammation may come in handy in keeping your joints pain-free. So, if you have major plans for this summer season, we recommend stocking up on your favorite OTC arthritis or anti-inflammation creams.

Stay well hydrated

Drink enough fluids like water, fruit juices, or even smoothies with the best collagen peptides powder, especially when the temperature gets too hot. We highly recommend bringing a flask of your preferred beverage with you when you head out of the house.

Take a dip in the pool

Nothing can cool down the body faster than swimming in the cool water during the summertime. Swimming is also an excellent low-impact exercise that can help combat stress, regulate blood pressure, and fight off muscle and joint pain.

Retreat in a cold place when it gets too hot

While it might be tempting to stay under the sun to get a sunkissed tan, it’s better to stay in a cooler place as the day becomes hotter. This will help you manage the inflammation and avoid severe dehydration.

Avoid physical overexertion

Summertime is definitely the ultimate time to work on different projects and engage in physical activities. However, you should still ensure that you don’t overexert yourself. By doing so, you can avoid getting stuck in a nightmarish situation with your joints.

Keeping tabs on your weight

Maintaining optimal weight is not only for the sake of flaunting a summer body. It is, for a fact, crucial in avoiding various health concerns such as chronic joint pain.

Other Weather and Seasonal Changes and their Effects on Joint Pain

Not every person experiences joint pain during summer. However, according to anecdotal evidence, some cases of joint pain, especially those that stem from osteoarthritis, can worsen during the cold or rainy season.

Some medical experts point to the barometric or air pressure changes during the rainy or cold season as the main culprit behind the increased aching of the joints. The air pressure fluctuations alter the size of your muscles and connective tissues like ligaments and tendons. In effect, they press on your other joints, impeding your ability to move your limbs, shoulders, knees, and hips.

On top of all that, the lubricating fluid between each joint also thickens up when the temperature drops. This results in pain similar to those who experience joint pain discomfort during the summer season.

Fight Joint Pain Anytime of the Year with the Best Collagen Peptides Powder

Joint pain can affect various parts of the body – from your knees, elbows, wrists, fingers, shoulders, and hips. The sooner you can protect these joints from unwanted damage or wear and tear, the better you get at delaying the onset of the aching problem.

We highly recommend including the best collagen peptides food supplement in your diet to start your joint protecting regimen. The Warrior Strong Collagen and Bone Broth Powder contains the perfect blend of health-boosting nutrients.

Each serving of the WSW Collagen Peptides Powder also help you reap the following benefits:

  • Youthful and radiant-looking skin
  • Smooth, silky, and strong hair
  • Healthy and long nails
  • Stronger immune and digestive system
  • Healthier tendons, muscles, cartilage, and ligaments

Take care of your joints better with the right collagen peptides supplement. Shop for the Collagen Peptides And Bone Broth Protein Powder Bundle With Frother today!

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