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Explaining Intuitive Eating: What It Is (and Isn’t)

Intuitive eating is a widely known framework of thinking for a healthier body. Find out what it is and what it isn’t here at Warrior Strong Wellness.

You’ve probably heard about intuitive eating from your friends or colleagues before. You might have also come across this popular health and fitness term in your favorite blogs, vlogs, or social media platforms. For a moment, it piqued your interest until you find yourself wondering, what exactly is intuitive eating? Is it the better way to reach your goals, or is it just another health fad?

Join us here at Warrior Strong Wellness as we take a closer look at intuitive eating (what it is & isn’t). Let’s also learn how to integrate it into your daily routine, like taking the best collagen supplements and prepping your meals.


What Intuitive Eating Is: Listening To Your Body

If you have been staying up-to-date with the Warrior Strong Wellness blog, you might have read about our brief discussion on how intuitive eating works. Basically, it’s a framework of thinking that teaches you to listen and trust your body. Instead of relying on diet plans, you eat based on what feels good for your body. It allows you to break free from the usual notions of dieting and comparing yourself to others’ progress. This way, you get to enjoy a more self-loving health and fitness journey.

Eating disorder dieticians Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole created this evidence-based framework with one goal in mind–to repair impaired relationships with food.

As you might have noticed, restrictive diets tend to foster this love-hate relationship with food. A study noted that while they might provide you with results for a couple of months, you can quickly revert to your old eating habits because you no longer find your diet plans sustainable or practical. Restrictive diets also tend to take out the fun in fitness and wellness. So your routine becomes tiresome and boring.

Thankfully, by developing a mindset focused on intuitive eating, you can pursue a healthier life without making unnecessary compromises to your everyday meals.


What Intuitive Eating Isn’t

Sadly, while intuitive eating has gained significant traction since its introduction in 1995, some people misconstrue its true meaning. So, we thought of outlining and debunking some of the common myths on intuitive eating.

Myth #1: Intuitive eating requires you to eat only when you're starving and stop when you feel satiated

Obsessing over when you should eat or stop turns the intuitive eating mindset into a form of dieting–the very behavior it wants to crush. Remember that there isn't a "perfect" level of fullness or hunger. Instead of creating a new set of diet rules, it would help to just check for usual cues that you need to eat or stop eating.

For example, you might need to eat ahead of time if you expect to have a busy work schedule. That way, your body gets enough nourishment to last until your next meal.

Myth #2: Intuitive eating is for weight loss

It’s crucial to understand that practicing intuitive eating isn’t about trimming off extra inches on your waist. Sure, some women who follow this framework of thinking lose weight in the process. Others, on the one hand, gain a few pounds or stay in the same weight range. This happens because it mainly aims to cultivate inner peace with your body and the food you eat.

It also aims to help you appreciate no matter your shape, promoting self-love and self-acceptance. More importantly, it can help you crush self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

Myth #3: Intuitive eating means you can binge-eat unhealthy food

Because intuitive eating isn’t restrictive, some think it teaches people to binge-eat on fat-laden food or other unhealthy health products. During the first few weeks of following this mindset framework, you will most likely give in to food products you couldn’t eat before because of a limiting diet plan.

However, you get to eliminate the feeling of deprivation or guilt on these food items over time. This, in effect, helps you widen your food choices and get rid of that constant urge to break your rules.

Instead of finding yourself craving cheeseburgers or donuts, you gradually become aware that your body needs better options like the best collagen supplements, lean protein sources, and fresh fruits and veggies.


Power Up Your Intuitive Eating Habits with the Best Collagen Supplements from Warrior Strong

Developing an intuitive eating mindset is key to embracing a powerful self-transformation and Warrior Strong journey. It gives you the power to take better control of your eating habits and make better life choices. If you have grown tired of following stringent rules on what to eat and what you should avoid, it may be time to start changing your thinking framework.

Feel free to go over the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole. You may also ask if you have any questions.

Also, don’t forget to include the best collagen supplements in your daily meals. This way you can amplify the benefits of the core intuitive eating habits and get additional nourishment for your body.

The Warrior Strong Collagen Supplements like the Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth and Multi-collagen Protein Powder contains health-boosting nutrients that can help you enjoy:

  • Stronger nails
  • Shinier and longer hair
  • Supple and healthy-looking skin
  • Stronger and healthier gut health
  • Improved bones and joints

Grab the Multi-collagen Protein Powder and Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth, and start your journey to wellness today!

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