Is Ashwagandha Good for Hyperthyroidism

Is Ashwagandha Good for Hyperthyroidism?

Have you ever wondered whether ashwagandha is good for thyroid health? Learn more about its key benefits and uses here at Warrior Strong Wellness.

Is ashwagandha good for hyperthyroidism? How does it work? What makes it a good option for maintaining optimal thyroid health? These are some of the questions that we get here at Warrior Strong Wellness.

As the ultimate source of health-boosting food supplements like Pure Organic Ashwagandha Max, let us help you understand what ashwagandha is and how you can fully maximize its benefits in our article below.


What is Ashwagandha?

If you love trying natural and holistic medicine, then you might have come across Ashwagandha at some point. After all, it’s a popular Ayurvedic herb used to calm the mind, increase energy levels and sharpen one’s concentration.

In Sanskrit, Ashwagandha translates to the smell of the horse, a fitting name thanks to the plant’s unique scent. Some people refer to it as winter cherry, while others call it Indian ginseng. Some people use Ashwagandha for the following:

  • Keeping an optimal blood sugar level
  • Protecting the body against cancer
  • Reducing stress hormones found in the blood
  • Calming the mind and nerves
  • Alleviating depression and its varying symptoms
  • Decreasing body inflammation
  • Boosting brain functions, including memory retention
  • Improving the body’s ability to combat oxidative stress

Recent studies also note that ashwagandha may be a powerful ingredient to combat various thyroid disorders, including hyperthyroidism.


Is Ashwagandha Good for Hyperthyroidism?

Before we take a deeper dive into the topic, “is ashwagandha good for hyperthyroidism?” let’s get into thyroid health first and why you need to pay closer attention to it from now on.

Why does the thyroid gland matter?

The thyroid or the butterfly-shaped organ that sits at the neck’s base is a small but powerful component of the endocrine system. It regulates your metabolism or the process where your body converts food products into usable energy. Healthy thyroid glands also perform the following primary functions:

  • Regulation of phosphate and calcium in the blood (for bone repair and maintenance)
  • Control your body temperature, cholesterol levels, and menstrual cycles
  • Ensuring healthy growth and development of several structures inside the body

Unfortunately, around 20 million people in the USA have a malfunctioning thyroid gland. It causes them to develop disorders such as hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).

What happens when you have hyperthyroidism?

When you get diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, it means that your thyroid produces excessive amounts of hormones, triggering unwanted side effects such as weakened bones, fast heartbeat, excessive sweating, increased anxiety or moodiness, and rapid weight loss. You might also experience additional symptoms, including:

  • Thinning hair
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Having a red and itchy skin
  • Difficulty breathing

If you notice any of these symptoms, we highly recommend getting in touch with your general physician. This may be a sign of a thyroid storm, a dangerous and life-threatening condition.

How can ashwagandha help with hyperthyroidism?

Now that you have more information on hyperthyroidism and ashwagandha, let’s look at how they relate to each other. More importantly, let’s investigate how you can use ashwagandha supplements to achieve a healthier and fuller life. Here are some quick facts you can check on ashwagandha and hyperthyroidism:

  • Stress is among the leading causes of thyroid problems because it increases body inflammation and impairs the organ’s ability to bind to receptors.
  • Excessive stress (whether mental, emotional, or physical) can compromise your thyroid glands.
  • Ashwagandha can lower cortisol levels in the blood, allowing you to calm down and feel relaxed.
  • A 2017 study revealed that taking 600 mg of Ashwagandha improves thyroid hormone levels.

While there aren’t enough studies that focus on the healing mechanism of ashwagandha, many strongly believe in the herb’s ability to help individuals with hyperthyroidism. It would be interesting to see more studies on the effectiveness of using ashwagandha supplements for better thyroid and endocrine system health.

How to take ashwagandha for hyperthyroidism

Ashwagandha supplements can come in different forms. Some are in capsule form, while others get sold as tea or powder. To take full advantage of the medicinal benefits of this herb, we recommend taking them twice a day.

If you currently take medication for a pre-existing condition, be sure to consult with your primary care doctor. This is to avoid contraindications and to know the dosage you need per day. On the one hand, we don’t recommend taking the supplement if you are pregnant because it might cause miscarriage or affect your growing child.


Take Ashwagandha Capsules to Improve Your Thyroid Health

Now that you know the answer to the question, “is ashwagandha good for hyperthyroidism?”, are you ready to give it a try? If yes, visit the Warrior Strong Wellness shop. We offer Pure Organic Ashwagandha Veggie Capsules that contain potent ingredients known for their fantastic health benefits, such as:

  • Lesser anxiety or panic attacks
  • Reduced body inflammation
  • Increased efficiency of the immune system
  • Improved grief support
  • Improved adrenal health
  • Balanced mood and energy
  • Better nervous and immune system health

Each bottle of Pure Ashwagandha Max contains 120 capsules, enough to boost your health for two months. Preferably, you should take one pill with a meal. You can also coordinate with your doctor to determine the best time to take it.

Are you ready to enjoy a more balanced mental wellbeing and healthier thyroid health? Make sure to shop for Pure Organic Ashwagandha Max capsules here at Warrior Strong Wellness today!

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