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How to Make New Year’s Resolutions and Actually Keep Them

Warrior Strong women do not mean they are flawless and faultless. They are normal women who share the same struggles and disappointments. The difference is the Warrior Strong attitude that empowers them and makes them unstoppable despite adversity in life.

There is more to life that you can do and achieve. A Warrior Strong mindset keeps us in tune with what really matters for us and not what the world wants us to become. This powerful framework of thinking allows you to accept and love yourself wholeheartedly, but at the same time, pushes you to become the best you for your own sake.

This new year, we have a lot of opportunities to reassess our life’s direction and make necessary changes to right the wrongs of the past. How many new year’s resolutions have you done in the past only to break most of them within three months? Resolutions are a way to improve ourselves and align ourselves to our personal growth.

Follow the tips we listed below to help you stick with your new year’s resolutions. Consistency is key in everything you do. The more you do things naturally, they become a habit and a way of living. Everything just becomes a part of you. A Warrior Strong mindset opens you to a whole new way of becoming the best version of yourself. It is a goal-driven mindset that pushes us to our limits to fully realize our maximum potential.

1. Set attainable and specific resolutions

The more specific you are with what you want, the more it becomes clear and doable. Instead of saying I want to be active, say I want to get 10,000 steps a day in 2022. These are long-term goals that you should stick to until the year ends. This will push you to a definite path to your goals and achieve them sustainably.

2. Start with small goals

We all want a big promotion and bigger things in life. We do life charts only to realize that things take years to happen to us. If you start with a small goal that is realistic enough to accomplish in a year, then your resolution will not be in vain. Start with saving some money once a month instead of buying a house. The money you will save will eventually be a stepping stone to buying your own home someday.

3. Use technology for good

There are so many ways to motivate yourself so you can achieve your goals. Technology has kept us interested and updated in many aspects of our lives that we want to improve. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, numerous apps can track your food intake and make suggestions based on your choices.


4. Get support from friends and family

Involving your family and friends in this commitment makes a whole lot of difference. A warrior can face any enemy, but a group of warriors is invincible. They will make you conquer any task you set your mind to because they will be behind you every step and every slip of the way.

5. Monitor your progress regularly

We make this biggest mistake when creating our new year’s resolutions. We often lose track of our goals when things get back to normal and everything falls back to routine. You always have to check how far you have come to your goals. If you lose track, align yourself once again.

6. Cut some slack and celebrate small successes

It will not be an easy road and expect some bumps along the way. But as long as you set your eyes on what you want to achieve, nothing is impossible. Be gentle with yourself and forgive your missteps. Learn from them and be inspired by them to become better. Tap yourself on the back for small victories, for it is not an easy feat when you compete with yourself.

7. Believe and have a Warrior Strong mindset

No one will help you get through this other than yourself. It will be about you and the choices that you will make for yourself. You made your list, and it is up to you to make it happen. Hold on to that desire to change yourself for the better. The power of believing has moved mountains and is the true power of a true warrior.


Warrior Strong women rise to challenges

The beautiful thing about New Year’s Resolutions is the awareness of things that we lack or need to improve in our lives. It can be improving our physical and emotional self or aspects of our life like career or social relationships. Deciding to make positive changes, like letting go of self-destructive habits and adopting healthier ones, is always a good idea—one you should see through to the end.

Remember that a Warrior Strong woman fights till the end. Having a Warrior Strong spirit will let you embrace all the changes and challenges that will come your way. You are unique and there is no one in the world like you. So keep on pushing forward and love yourself every day.


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