Motivating Tips to Help You Stick to Your Fitness Routine

Motivating Tips to Help You Stick to Your Fitness Routine

We’re just a couple of months away from putting our goals for the new year into action. One objective that many people set on an annual basis is getting into shape. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people, those efforts end up being short-lived. We’re going to help you get started off the right way by providing you with motivating tips to help you stick to a fitness routine.

Here are the Motivating Tips that Could Help to your Fitness Routine

#1. Find a Type of Exercise You Enjoy

You already have a job. If exercise feels like work, you aren’t going to want to do it. Physical training needs to feel like a hobby or part of your recreation. Incorporate the things you love. If you are a fan of the outdoors, ride a bike or go for a daily walk. If you prefer a gym environment, get a membership. If you prefer to be alone when you exercise, learn some bodyweight exercise you can do at home with a simple app.

#2. Don’t Overdo It

If you get injured or wake up too sore to move, you are not going to want to workout ever again. Start off slow and work your way up to more intense exercises. You only need about 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week to improve your health significantly. That’s less than half an hour per day. So don’t feel like you have to carve an hour per day out of your busy schedule. If you only have 15 minutes today, that’s better than nothing.

#3. Partner Up

If you share your workout time with a friend, you are less likely to cop-out for a silly reason. You can encourage each other to workout on the days when you really don’t feel like it. Plus, it can be an excellent opportunity for conversation and to strengthen your friendship. If you are going to spend time together anyway, why not also use that time to improve each other’s health so you can enjoy your friendship for many years to come.

#4. Be Realistic

Unless you are 95% of the way there already, you can’t expect to sculpt your ideal beach body in a few weeks. If your goal is to lose some weight and keep it off, that takes time. Even if you are just working out to improve your energy levels, you can expect to see limited results in the first few weeks and more significant results in three to four months.


#5. Track Your Improvement

You need to have some way to track your progress so that you can see tangible results. You can take a selfie in the mirror every week wearing the same outfit to track changes in the appearance of your body. You can get an app that allows you to track your step-count, BMI, heart rate, and other metrics. When you can go up to the next size weights or down to the next size waist in pants, you will have even more motivation to continue.

#6. Buy Some Gym Clothes

You wear pajamas to sleep, work clothes to the office, and a bathing suit to the beach. Why? Clothes that fit the occasion help you focus on what you are doing and have the right features for that activity. Gym clothes are the same. When you wear them, you will focus on your workout. And fitness clothes are designed to help you move easily and not get overheated.

#7. Reward Yourself the Right Way

“I worked out today, I’m going to have this second piece of cake,” is self-defeating. “I’ve been working out daily for an entire month, so I’m going to get a massage,” is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Think of things that will really feel like a reward for your hard work but that won’t undo your efforts at the same time.

#8. Make It an Entire Lifestyle

Don’t just workout 30 minutes per day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Park at the end of the row at the grocery store instead of driving around for 15 minutes to get a closer spot. Walk to errands that are nearby your home. You’re going to get the best results when being healthy is something that you do more than just 2.5 hours per week in concentrated sessions.

#9. Supplement the Right Way

The right supplements can help you to see results faster, feel better, and be able to work out longer. Warrior Strong Wellness is here to help all of you warriors who are making an effort to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are a couple of the great products we offer to go along with your exercise routine.

  • Multi-Collagen Protein Powder – This pure hydrolyzed protein supplement provides all the right amino acids and is ready for fast absorption. It supports muscle and tissue repair to help you recover from your workouts.
  • Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth – This non-GMO and gluten free formula provides your body with the collagen protein it needs in a readily usable format. Stir it into hot or cold beverages or bake it into your favorite recipes to get the benefits you are looking for.

Don’t forget out Protein Power Pack Bundle! It comes with both of the great produces listed above, and you get a frother to help you blend the powders into your beverages. We hope this motivating tips boost you to stick to your fitness routine and turn over a healthier leaf in 2020!

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