Multi-Collagen Powder & Other Easy Ways to Slow the Aging Process

Multi-Collagen Powder & Other Easy Ways to Slow the Aging Process

Do you want to try and slow down time or even turn back the clock a little? While we can’t stop time from relentlessly marching forward, there are tons of little things we can do to help ourselves feel and even look a little younger. Multi-collagen powder is a great supplement to try – and we’ll explain why at the end of our article – but you will notice that most things on our list involve lifestyle changes.

Longevity experts are always searching for the modern-day fountain of youth. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important things you can do to maintain your youth and vigor. Here are our nine favorite tips for slowing down the aging process.

#1. Break Your Worst Habits

If you have ever read the Picture of Dorian Gray, you understand why it is important to break bad habits from a philosophical point of view. In this fictional story, a young man lives a debauched life because a magical painting of him bears all the ugliness from his lifestyle, keeping him forever young. In reality, the effects of bad habits are not too far off.

Ask anyone who looks way younger than you expect how they do it, and you will probably get an answer similar to, “It’s good clean living.” Breaking habits like using tobacco, abusing alcohol or drugs, promiscuity, and overeating can all help to curb chronic illness and other premature forms of aging.

#2. Do Something Good for the Community or an Individual

The Bible’s adage that “there is more happiness in giving” is backed by science. Research links doing good things for other people with having lower blood pressure, less depression, reduce feelings of anxiety, greater happiness, and reduced pain levels in the body. In fact, one study revealed that volunteering for at least two organizations reduces a person’s mortality rate over the next five years of their life.


#3. Take Care of Your Inner Self

Whether you want to call it your spiritual being or just your inner person, you have to do more than just keep your body young. Meditation on future goals and positive thoughts can help to heal a person on the inside. For those seeking an external way to enhance their inner being, prayer and religious services are also positive options.

#4. Choose Your Associates Wisely

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, is often quoted for saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Healthy relationships create healthy people. If you support your closest family and friends and know that you have their support in return, that can go a long way toward keeping you positive and healthy.

On the other hand, relationships with people who only take and never give back are toxic. Friendship with people who enable your bad habits or even join you in them, can add to your stress and affect your physical and emotional health.

#5. Stay Active Daily

One thing that is aging America faster than just about anything else is a sedentary lifestyle. We sit on our commute. We sit at work. We sit to binge-watch our favorite show. Be sure that you get up and exercise every day. It will keep your body healthier, reduce pain levels, improve your mood, and keep your heart pumping for years to come.

#6. Eat a Better Diet

A diet that is high in sugars, artificial sweeteners, fast food, and highly processed foods will destroy a body and mind. On the other hand, a diet that is high in nutritional value can give your body the energy it needs daily and can feed your mind to keep your memory sharp and thoughts focused.

#7. Manage Your Stress

If we are honest, we have no way to avoid all stress. Plus, little pressure may be useful. That deadline keeps your project on schedule at work. You get anxious when planning a wedding because the day means so much to you, and rightly so. The key is to avoid prolonged stress and to manage the stress that you have correctly.

Don’t let stress drive you back to bad habits that hurt your mind and body. Focus on positive stress relievers such as spending time with your loved ones, enjoying a hobby, taking a vacation, having a form of creative release, getting a massage, taking a hot bath, and so on.

#8. Forgive Others

Hanging on to feelings of hurt is like drinking poison in the hopes that it will kill the other person. You are only hurting yourself, not the person you are angry with. So now is the time to forgive and forget. Even if the person doesn’t deserve forgiveness, you can let it go without letting the person back into your life.

#9. Try the Right Multi-Collagen Protein Supplements

From the time we hit our mid-20s, we stop producing the amount of collagen our body needs, and our deficit of this protein only gets worse as we age. It is the protein that forms our skin, cartilage, and many other crucial parts of the body. It is no wonder that our joints hurt and skin wrinkles as we get older without enough collagen to make the repairs.

Check the shop at Warrior Strong Wellness today for the best multi-collagen protein supplements to help you stay young. And remember that when you shop with us, part of the proceeds goes to childhood cancer research, so you can also feel good about giving back to the community.

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