Multi Collagen Protein Powder Vs. Whey Protein Powder

Multi Collagen Protein Powder Vs. Whey Protein Powder

Collagen and whey protein are actually so different that it is tough to compare the two. For many years, people felt that whey was the superior form of protein because it is complete, and collagen is not. In other words, you can’t survive solely on the amino acids in collagen. However, researchers now realize that both proteins have their place in modern supplements. In fact, the reason you are taking the supplement and your health goals may determine which supplement is better for you at this time.

We will take a look at the advantages of multi collagen protein powder and whey protein powder. This will help you to make a decision about which one is right for you. And, if you decide to go with collagen protein, we will introduce you to an effective multi collagen protein powder.

Times When Whey Protein Is Beneficial

Whey is one of the two main proteins that come from dairy products. Fitness experts swear by it, and this is the type of protein in most mass-building supplements. However, this is not the only application or benefit of whey protein. Consider some of the following advantages:

  • Weight – Some research indicates that whey protein can help you feel less hunger and burn more energy. These are crucial factors if you are trying to fight obesity.
  • Diabetes – According to researchers from Tel Aviv, whey protein may help control blood sugar levels. It does this by stopping your sugar levels from spiking following a meal. In the study, the whey protein was supplemented before meals to prevent this spike in blood glucose levels.
  • Oxidative stress – In mice, whey protein was able to reduce oxidative stress on the brain. Since mice and humans have similar brain architectures, it is believed that the benefits should be similar for people.
  • Blood pressure – ACE inhibitors lower blood pressure by helping the arteries and veins to relax. According to researchers, peptides that form while digesting whey protein may have similar benefits. Since whey protein does not have the same adverse side effects of ACE inhibitors, this could become an exciting alternative with more research.
  • GI Tract – Dairy products have a bad reputation for having adverse effects on the digestive tract, but this is only for individuals with an allergy or sensitivity. For everyone else, whey protein may help improve the health of your gut. For example, some research indicates the benefits of taking whey protein for those who have Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease.

These are just some of the benefits of whey protein. Does collagen stand a chance of holding up to all of these benefits?


Why We Must Have Collagen

Collagen is the primary protein in the body that makes up your skin, hair, nails, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and more. We have to have it. Fortunately, the body makes collagen on its own. Unfortunately, that production decreases, and our needs increase as we age. Therefore, in our 20s, we begin to form a collagen debt that only grows from there on out.

According to research, the average person comes up about 10 grams short per day regarding the amount of collagen our body can synthesize and the amount we take in our everyday diet.

So it is clear that we all need some sort of multi collagen supplement. However, you probably also want to know the specific benefits that come from this type of protein. Let’s look at a few.

Benefits and Advantages of Multi Collagen Protein

What are some of the ways that you can use a multi collagen protein supplement?

  • Leaky gut – Collagen provides the amino acids you need to repair your gut. According to researchers, it may also be able to help prevent the intestinal lining from continuing to degenerate.
  • Pain relief – Collagen makes up much of the connective tissue in the body. Therefore, it can provide support for ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and the like. As a result, you may find that you experience less joint pain.
  • Sleep – Researchers have identified one particular amino acid that is abundant in collagen that helps a person sleep better or even to feel better after not getting a full night of sleep.
  • Appearance – Cosmetic products often contain collagen. This is because collagen is the primary protein that makes up the skin. Many beauty treatments promote collagen production. However, introducing collagen into your diet through a supplement is another way to get an anti-aging effect.

These are just some of the many potential benefits of taking a multi collagen supplement. It may also help with things such as improving immune system performance or boosting metabolism. Now that we have discussed both whey protein and multi collagen protein, you can make a better determination of which one is for you. If you choose to get a collagen supplement, where can you find one that will really help you get the benefits we’ve mentioned in our article today?

An Effective Multi Collagen Protein Powder Supplement

Warrior Strong Wellness is proud to offer our Pure Hydrolyzed Multi Collagen Protein Powder. It contains all of the vital amino acids of collagen in an easy to absorb hydrolyzed format. This can allow your body to process the supplement, even if you have issues with leaky gut. As a result, you may see many of the benefits we have discussed today in our article. Check the shop to get your multi collagen supplement today!

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