Myths Versus Reality When It Comes to Flu Season

Myths Versus Reality When It Comes to Flu Season

Have you ever wondered which of the many things you hear people say will lead to or keep you from getting the flu will really help and which ones are old wives’ tales? We’re about to go through some of the things you may have been told your entire life so you can know which are myths and which are realities. The answers may surprise you! Then we will conclude with some supplements that may be able to provide genuine help for your immune system.


Reality: Washing Your Hands Can Stop the Spread of Germs

This one is real, so wash your hands often. Always wash after using the bathroom and before preparing food. Wash your hands after you come into contact with anyone who has been coughing or sneezing. Soap up good and wash for about 20-30 seconds. Antibacterial hand sanitizer isn’t as good, but it will help when you don’t have access to soap and water.

Myth: Don’t Go Outside When You Hair Is Wet

You get the flu from the flu virus, not because you went outside before drying your hair. The same is true when people say you got sick from going out with a coat on. Definitely dress for the weather, but know that wet hair or not wearing your jacket to go for a run in the cold doesn’t magically put the flu virus in your body.

Reality: Stress May Have Weakened Your Immune System

Stress doesn’t cause the flu any more than wet hair, but it will have a far more significant impact on your immune system. Chronic stress drastically reduces your ability to fight off illness, so if you get the flu every season or you find yourself getting sick multiple times per year, you may want to consider whether high-stress levels are preventing your immune system from working correctly.


Myth: You Should Hold Your Breath When Walking By a Coughing or Sneezing Person

If someone coughs or sneezes, it’s on that person to cover his or her mouth and nose. If not, those germs are going to get all over the place. Holding your breath as you walk by isn’t going to do much. Of course, you are far more likely to get sick if someone is coughing and sneezing right in your face, but if you have to be around sick people, you can’t stop breathing, so wear a mask designed to block germs.

Reality: You Might Be Able to Sleep It Off

Sleep is necessary for your immune system. When you are at rest, your body repairs itself. If you get really sick, your body will probably force you to sleep more during your recovery. If you feel like you are coming down with something, a little extra sleep may actually help your body fight it off before you full-blown ill.

Myth: Wearing Garlic Keeps Illness Away

First of all, if someone says this to you, they probably were thinking of wearing garlic to keep vampires away, and those aren’t real, so you’re okay. Eating garlic, on the other hand, may actually help and not just because people may stay away from you due to the effect of garlic on the breath. Raw garlic is beneficial for your immune system. Just be sure you eat it instead of making it into some kind of weird amulet.

Reality: Exercise Can Help Keep You from Getting Sick

Once you’re already sick, your body needs to use all of its energy for healing. But if you don’t have the flu yet, now is the time to get into a regular exercise routine. Consistent activity improves blood flow, and that can help your immune cells to get to every corner of your body faster. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body, from maintaining a healthy weight to giving yourself an immune system boost.

Reality: You Can Try Some Natural Remedies at Home

Eating garlic is just one home remedy to try and ensure you don’t get the flu. Here are a few other things to try:

  • Get more vitamin C in your diet – Yes, you can take a 1,000 milligrams per day, but you are going to excrete nearly all of that. Eating dark leafy greens and citrus along with other fresh fruits and veggies is enough to get the vitamin C most people require.
  • Take a vitamin D supplement – Your body only needs about half an hour in the sun each day to get the vitamin D that you need, but we can’t always get that in winter. A supplement is an excellent way to keep up your immune system.
  • Use raw honey instead of sugar – If you like herbal tea, you can use raw honey instead of sugar to get the antimicrobial benefits of unprocessed honey. It also feels nice on a sore throat if you are starting to come down with something.

Other Supplements to Boost Your Immune System This Flu Season

Warrior Strong Wellness is proud to offer supplements that give your immune system the boost that it needs at any time of the year. From collagen supplements to give your body the amino acids that it requires for healing to ashwagandha for stress relief and antioxidants, we’re here to support your efforts to stay as healthy as possible in 2020.

And if you do get the flu, don’t forget to have elderberry syrup on hand to help you get back on your feet up to 48 hours faster!

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