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Conquering the Problems that Intuitive Eaters Face

Overall wellness involves exercising, healthy eating, and mindfulness. Some people even take multi collagen protein powder and other supplements to ensure they are in tip-top health. Others opt to seek help from fitness coaches and wellness experts.

Unlike other diets or eating habits, intuitive eating does not follow a set of rules. Intermittent fasting, for example, requires individuals to eat at a specific timeframe. Other diets encourage people to limit their intake of carbohydrates, gluten, fats, or other food items deemed to make weight loss hard. Intuitive eating does not apply these rules.

You do not need to set a time for eating. You do not need to count calories or limit your food intake. You also don’t need to restrict eating certain foods. When you eat intuitively, the only thing you need to do is pay attention to what your body says.

The idea that intuitive eaters do not face any struggles when it comes to their diet is misleading. They, as well as any health-conscious individuals, experience challenges and conflicting thoughts.

Today, we’ll look at five of these dilemmas. We hope that this article will shed light on what you can do to face your troubles as an intuitive eater.

#1. How Do I Know If I’m Eating Right?

As mentioned before, intuitive eating has no rules. There’s no calorie counting, no eating timeframe, and no food restrictions. With other diets, you can quickly determine if you’ve broken any rules-- you can easily see if you are doing it “right.”

Intuitive eating is more than meal plans-- it’s a practice of mindfulness. If you are worried that you are not eating “right,” you can take this thought and use it to motivate yourself further. When you eat intuitively, you don’t only think about weight loss. Instead, you put your overall health into consideration. If you are eating properly and healthy, your body will show you positive results. Basically, you know you’re eating right if your body is happy.

#2. What Should I Do If I Always Feel Hungry?

Intuitive eaters often experience the dilemma of not knowing when to eat. Anyone can get hungry if they exert energy, and if you don’t have energy, you eat to replenish your strength. This is why many health-conscious individuals add multi collagen protein powder to their diet-- to feel full and strong.

Our bodies usually display signs to inform us that it’s time to eat. These signs are what intuitive eaters need to watch out for. However, there are instances where our bodies might be saying something entirely different.

When we’re hungry, we usually experience shaking, grumpy, light-headed, or we hear our stomachs grumble. These are the usual signs of hunger-- or thirst. Most of the time, we immediately think that we need something to eat when we “feel” hungry. However, the case might be that we’re only thirsty. So before you snack on something when you feel the urge to eat, try drinking a glass of water first.


#3. Am I Overeating or Undereating?

The line between healthy eating, overeating, and undereating is surprisingly thin-- which is probably why many intuitive eaters, especially beginners, often ask this question. The important thing for any diet, including eating intuitively, is ensuring that you meet the dietary requirements and nutrients your body needs.

It does not matter if you eat more times than less (or vice versa) as long as you put in enough nutrients in your system. If you are struggling to eat healthy, especially at the beginning of your wellness journey, you can take supplements or add multi collagen protein powder to your diet.

#4. What Should I Do If I Never Feel Hungry?

Paying attention to what your body shows you is a critical factor in eating intuitively. Every person experiences hunger differently. For example, other people notice their hands shake or hear their stomachs rumble. Some people begin to salivate or think about the food they crave, while others become irritable or experience poor concentration.

However, there are occasions when the body does not “speak out loud” in a matter of saying. Certain illnesses or medications can get in the way of our bodies’ interpretation of hunger signals. So, we might not feel hungry at times.

One effective way to resolve this issue is by setting a schedule for eating. You can do so until your body completely heals from the illness that causes you not to feel hungry. Consult with a dietician or a food coach to ensure that you’re feeding yourself properly.

#5. Why Am I Gaining Weight?

With any type of diet, people often fear putting all of their efforts to waste. Buying multi collagen protein powder and other supplements or getting a gym membership involves spending time, money, and effort. Intuitive eaters can also share this fear.

People change their diet according to two goals: to lose or to gain weight. However, they often overlook a vital aspect of proper diet-- to improve their overall health.

A healthy weight does not equate to having a flat stomach. It involves several factors, including your body type or shape, height, and other essential things. So if you begin a new diet, don’t think about “weight.” Instead, think about “healthy eating.”

Become Healthier by Eating Better and Tastier

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