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Relieve Foot Pain with These Simple Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

Your feet do a lot of work every day. From standing to walking and jumping to running, we ask our feet to absorb a great deal of impact. Plantar fasciitis is a widespread form of foot pain. What is it? How does it happen? What exercises can you do at home to help relieve the pain? We will address the answers to all of these questions and more in today’s article.


What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Medical conditions that end in the suffix -itis are related to inflammation. Since swelling causes pain, plantar fasciitis can be a very painful condition. Where is the inflammation occurring? For this condition, it is in the tissue of the underside of the foot. Therefore, you may experience pain in or near the heel. The pain may be the worst when you take your first few steps in the morning. However, the pain may also grow worse throughout the day if you have to stand in one place for a long time or when you first stand up after a long period of sitting.

Additionally, you may experience pain in the sole of the foot. There may also be tenderness in the bottom of the foot and even visible swelling. It may be difficult to conceal the condition because it can lead to limping.


How Does Plantar Fasciitis Occur?

Plantar fasciitis is often the result of the type or quality of shoes that a person chooses to wear. For example, shoes with very high heels can lead to this condition. Worn out shoes or shoes that don’t have enough support can also cause a problem. Replacing worn-out or uncomfortable shoes may be necessary if you deal with this condition regularly.

Don’t sacrifice the health of your feet for appearances. You’ll look more stylish if you don’t have a limp due to foot pain.

However, your shoes may not be entirely at fault. In other cases, the inflammation can indicate a repetitive motion injury in the foot that is causing swelling. Obesity can also lead to plantar fasciitis by increasing the impact on the feet. A lack of physical activity might also be to blame as the arch may lose stability or strength.


Simple Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

We’re going to look at six exercises you can do to strengthen your foot and reduce plantar fasciitis pain. For the first three, you will need a yoga block. However, if you do not have a yoga block or something similar, you can use any step for the second and third exercises. For exercises four through six, you will need a tennis ball or something comparable.

#1. Foot Stretch

Using one foot at a time, place your toes on the edge of your yoga block while allowing your heel to rest on the floor. Shift your weight forward onto your toes until you feel it stretch in your foot and calf. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds on each foot and perform the exercise twice for each foot.

#2. Toe Stretch

Now stand on the block with one foot at a time. Balance on the ball of the foot that is on the block and lean forward to increase the stretch. Follow the same 30 seconds per side pattern with this stretch but do it three times with each foot.

#3. Calf Stretch

Stand on the balls of your feet with both feet on the block. Take turns lowering your heel until it stretches your foot and calf. Then lift back up onto your toes until your calf thoroughly flexes. Do this ten times with each foot.

#4. Tennis Ball Roll

You can perform this exercise sitting down to avoid a possible fall. Place the arch of one foot on the tennis ball. Be sure to apply a little pressure. Now slowly roll the ball with your foot from the toes to the heel. Pause in tight areas for 30 seconds to give it time to stretch. Do this once with each foot.

#5. Tennis Ball Pump

Again while seated, lean forward. You can rest your forearms on your thighs to support yourself. Place your heel over the ball and pump it up and down. Do this with each foot for 60 seconds to get a good stretch for your heel.

#6. Tennis Ball Curls

This time, place one foot on the tennis ball while keeping your heel on the floor. Pretend you are going to try and pick the ball up with your foot. When you curl your toes over the top of the ball, squeeze it for just a moment. When you release the ball, spread your toes as wide apart as you can. Do this ten times with each foot.

Hopefully, these six simple exercises can help you to be able to find the relief from plantar fasciitis that you have been looking for. It is a great way to relieve pain naturally at home. Additionally, you may be able to find some supplements that support good health and healing.

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