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Self-Sabotaging: Signs & How to Stop It With a Mindset Shift

Are you guilty of self-sabotaging yourself? Find out how you can break free from your self-limiting mindset at the Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 Academy Course.

Ever had that strong desire to complete a goal but fail spectacularly because you keep doubting yourself? Do you frequently find yourself saying things like “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I don’t deserve this” or “Eating healthy and exercising are useless; I will fail to see results anyway.”? If yes, then you’re in dire need of an intervention from my WSL365 Course.

Chances are, these behaviors are signs of self-sabotaging, one of the main reasons why people can’t find happiness, let alone achieve their health goals.

Learn more about self-sabotaging and how the Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 Academy Course can help in our discussion below.

Signs You’re Self-Sabotaging Your Health Journey

You recently started a new fitness regimen, complete with a meal plan and a rigorous home workout routine. But, just when you thought you finally found the right approach for you, you get derailed by poor choices.

Maybe you can't keep away from products labeled as “fat-free” (like those twisty red licorice sticks, which was my favorite go-to snack before). Or perhaps you stopped going to the gym or following the fitness video subscriptions you spend so much money on.

So, what happened? What went wrong? While there may be many possible explanations, self-sabotage may be the ultimate culprit.

Self-sabotage is your enemy #1 when it comes to transforming yourself. It occurs when your conscious efforts to change yourself for the better are at odds with your subconscious mind or inner voice. It keeps you from embracing your desired path to self-improvement.



Below are some of the common signs that your inner critic rules your life:

#1. You can’t help but criticize yourself all the time.

Self-criticism can be one of your most significant sources of stress and frustration in life.

You can quickly tell when you're overly critical of yourself when accepting compliments seem out of the ordinary for you. You might also feel irrelevant compared to people around you and believe that you constantly lack something.

You may have a nagging voice inside you, telling you things like:

  • “I never stick with my lifestyle changes.”
  • “I won’t even last a week in the gym; it’s what I always do, I quit.”
  • “There’s no way I can trim off the excess inches around my waist.”
  • “I never can stay consistent long term so why bother?”
  • “I will never be good enough.”

#2. You always have new excuses.

Procrastination is among the most serious problems that I hope you can address with the help of my WSL365 Course. While I understand that procrastinating can sometimes provide you with some benefits, I firmly believe that it’s still not an ideal thing to do.

That’s because it gets in the way of achieving the best version of yourself and developing a Warrior Strong Forever mindset and lifestyle.

You know you’re a dilly dallier when you often wait for issues to get worse before you finally decide to take action. You also dodge every task you need to complete to achieve a healthier life by making tons of excuses. And on top of all that, saying the lines below is a normal part of your everyday routine.

  • “I’ll do it tomorrow.”
  • “I don’t have any equipment at home to start my fitness routine.”
  • “There aren’t any healthy food options for lunch by my work.”
  • “I am not sure where to begin so I will wait to start this until after the holidays or next year”.
  • “I don’t have enough time in my schedule.”
  • “I need someone to keep me accountable.”

#3. You keep on overdoing things because of unrealistic expectations.

I get it; you’re simply keeping your eyes on the prize. You want to have the fittest body and become the “perfect” version of yourself.

But, before you completely wrap your head around these thoughts, I want you to remember that nobody is perfect.

The more you focus on setting unrealistic expectations like “I need to get this right or else…” or “it has to be perfect!”, the more you unsustainable your path to a healthy life becomes.

Carrying heavy expectations on your shoulders can also cause you to crash and burn. It can lead to failures, stress, and frustration.

In my Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 Academy Course, I emphasize the value of learning and embracing self-acceptance because I believe that it’s the key to unlocking your potential. It will be your ultimate motivator, especially when things get tough along the way.

I also want you to begin to ditch the end-goal mindset and instead welcome a Warrior Strong Forever way of thinking. The less you treat your self-transformation journey as a 100-meter dash, the easier it is for you to find a forever way to become healthy.

Essentially, with a Warrior Strong Forever mindset, you become more mindful of the things you do and reprogram your thought patterns to prevent self-loathing. This way, you get to love yourself enough to welcome change and become the healthiest version you can be.

Crush Self-Doubt with Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 Academy

Now, do you see the value of nurturing a Warrior Strong Forever mindset?

If your efforts aren’t helping you reach your desired path to greatness and wellness, or if you always end up questioning your self-worth, you might need to take a step back and re-evaluate your mindset.

Don’t you think it’s about time to break free from a self-limiting framework of thinking?

In my Warrior Strong Lifestyle Academy Course, I will help you learn the best tactics to eliminate self-doubt and manage your health and lifestyle expectations. In addition, the program provides you with the necessary tools to deal with problems such as:

  • Feeling fed up with the diet mindset
  • Tired of blaming yourself for the lack of progress you see after following a fitness plan
  • Feeling uninspired or unmotivated to pursue a healthier life
  • Struggling to maintain your momentum, especially when seeking a a healthier weight
  • Hating the body you are in and questioning your health and lifestyle choices

We are about to open our registration for my WSL365 Course, and I would love you to be a part of it and experience a life-changing journey. Let’s get you on the road to transforming your life today!


See you inside WSL365 Academy,

-Coach Mary

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