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The 5 Collagen Types Your Body Needs (and Why You Need Them All)

There are many different collagen supplements on the market today. So how can you know which one will provide you with the optimal benefits that you need? The secret is to understand the different collagen types.

To help, we’re going to discuss 5 different collagen types that your body needs and the benefits of each type. Then we will consider supplements that can help you to meet your health and wellness goals.

Collagen Type 1

There is more collagen type 1 than any other type of protein in your body. The human body uses this particular protein to form the bones, tendons, skin, the walls of the blood vessels, the corneas, and many other types of connective tissue throughout the body. In short – we need it.

What are the benefits of collagen type 1? Primarily, you will want collagen type 1 products for skin health. This is the protein that is used to make your skin, so of course, it is the best type for wound healing as well as for anti-aging. Since collagen levels in the body drop as we age, it is important to supplement for healthy skin.

Where can you get collagen type 1? One of the most abundant sources is fish collagen. Humans aren’t the only species that has a ton of collagen type 1. Marine collagen is easy for the body to absorb and has the right amino acids. Eggshell collagen also contains type 1 as well as type 3 and type 10.

Collagen Type 2

Collagen type 2, is a collagen types that makes up the cartilage in your body. You will find cartilage in many places such as your joints, nose, ears, rib cage, and even in the wider parts of the bronchial tubes.

What are the benefits of collagen type 2? This is the best collagen types for joint health. Strong cartilage can help with many joint pains, including those that come along with arthritis. Type 2 collagen, therefore, plays a key role in supplements that are designed for the joints.

Where can you get collagen type 2? Chicken collagen is rich in this particular type of protein. Therefore, supplements that are mode from the bone broth of chickens or that contain protein powder from chicken collagen are the best for your cartilage, joint health, and arthritis support.


Collagen Type 3

Collagen type 3, similar to type 1, is found in the skin. Additionally, it is a key element in the organs of the body. Therefore, while it has some similar benefits to type 1, there are additional benefits that make this a vital protein as well.

What are the benefits of collagen type 3? Type 3 collagen has similar skin benefits to type 1. In particular, it can help the skin to be firmer and more elastic, thereby helping reduce the signs of aging. However, collagen type 3 also provides benefits when it comes to heart function.

Where can you get collagen type 3? Collagen that is developed from cows is optimal for getting collagen type 3. It also contains collagen type 1 for even more skin benefits. Again, collagen from eggshells also contains type 3.

Collagen Type 5

Collagen type 5 is the best collagen types particularly important for women who are pregnant or are hoping to get pregnant. This type of protein is necessary for the development of the placenta which is an organ the body creates and attaches to the uterine lining in order to supply a growing baby with nutrients and oxygen.

In order to get collagen type 5 from a supplement, you need to order a complete collagen or multi-collagen product. Because the purpose of the collagen is very specific, it is less abundant, and therefore supplements do not focus on this one type of protein. As a result, we encourage pregnant women to look for a complete collagen supplement if you choose to take this product during pregnancy.

Collagen Type 10

Collagen type 10 is another key protein for bone and joint health. It has similar functions to type 2 collagen and, therefore, similar benefits in regard to joint health and arthritis care. Again, this is something that you are more likely to get in a complete collagen supplement. As we mentioned earlier, it can be found in eggshell collagen as well.

Let Warrior Strong Wellness Provide the Collagen Types You Need

Warrior Strong Wellness offers two different collagen supplements to meet your specific needs.

  • Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth – This is made primarily from bovine collagen. Therefore, it is optimal for building bone, cartilage, muscle, and soft tissue. There are also benefits for the nails, hair, and skin.
  • Multi Collagen Protein Powder – This collagen protein powder is jammed packed with collagen types 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 for benefits across the board. Everything you have read about in this article is available from this one supplement. We have sourced collagen from grass-fed beef, chicken, wild fish, and eggshells in order to provide all of the collagen types that you need in a simple way for your body to absorb it.

Regardless of the collagen types that your body needs, Warrior Strong Wellness has the solution. We offer discounts on monthly subscription orders, so you never run out of this vital protein. We also donate part of our proceeds to childhood cancer research, so shopping with us will give you even more reasons to smile.


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