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The Best Supplements for Boosting Brain Health

Do you sometimes feel like you are thinking in slow motion? Whether you work at an office or freelance from home, focus is one of the most difficult things about the daily grind. If you need mental clarity and better memory and focus, how can supplements help? We are going to take a look at some of the best superfoods for brain health. Then we will introduce you to a daily supplement that can supply you with everything you need for better cognitive function of brain health.

B-3 and B-12

When discussing cognitive function, you can’t undersell the importance of B vitamins. For example, a deficiency of B-3 (niacin) is known to result in depression, anxiety, and memory problems. For cognition and stress coping, you have to have enough niacin. A lack of B-12 can actually lead to rapid mental decline and the early onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Increasing B vitamins should be one of the first steps taken to slow or stop the mental decline or for anyone who is looking for a cognitive boost.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract

This perennial plant is commonly found in subtropical regions and originates in southern India. As a result, it has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine). According to one source, Indian texts dating back to the 6th century tout the ability of this plant to improve cognitive function and sharpen intellect. In modern times, a double-blind placebo-controlled trial showed that this supplement enhances cognitive performance with few to no side effects.


One thing that was not considered when low-fat diets became all the rage in western culture is that the brain uses fats to carry messages between brain cells. This particular fat has been used in clinical studies to counteract Alzheimer’s as well as multiple sclerosis. In several studies, phosphatidylserine helped a group score higher on tests that measured short-term memory, concentration, and mood.


Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo is commonly suggested to dementia patients as it helps to promote better blood flow to the head. Researchers also believe that gingko actually helps to protect the brain health from further neural damage. This is one of the supplements that have the most well-documented studies regarding improved cognitive functions, and it should be a must when choosing a brain health supplement.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

In 2011 and 2012, researchers took a look at 15 different studies that examined the mental benefits of taking Rhodiola. While the evidence was limited in nature, the supplement did appear to ease mental fatigue. In one study, Rhodiola was used to counteract symptoms of stress including anxiety and fatigue. Improvements were seen in a matter of days, and benefits continued throughout the full 4-week study.

Alpha GPC

This choline compound is naturally found in the brain anyway. Much research has focused on the ability of Alpha GPC supplements to enhance cognitive function. It is a fatty acid that helps with cellular communication and has been used for boosting memory, thinking, and learning as well as for helping dementia and mini-stroke patients.

DMAE L-Bitartrate

On important supplement type we haven’t discussed yet is antioxidants. DMAE L-Bitartrate is an antioxidant that supports many different brain health functions by reportedly increasing the amount of two key neurotransmitters in the brain: Acetylcholine and Choline. This compound is produced naturally in the brain in very small amounts. However, supplementation is used to improve mood and sleep patterns as well as to eliminate free radicals in the brain.


While not enhancing brain function on its own, BioPerine can play a key role in brain health supplements by helping to boost your absorption rate. Unfortunately, most supplements that a person takes end up being excreted. A character on a popular sitcom once joked that supplements are just the ingredients for very expensive urine, and without something to boost absorption, that joke isn’t far from the truth. BioPerine can allow your body to absorb the nutrients and make them useful to your brain.

Huperzine A

Some researchers have looked into the benefits of Huperzine A for both combatting dementia as well as boosting memory in teens. There is also early research that indicates Huperzine A can boost cognitive function and improve both energy and alertness.

Support for Brain Health, Mental Clarity, Cognitive Function, Memory, and Focus

If you face daily stress in your life (and who doesn’t?), then Pure Organic Ashwagandha Max is the supplement for you. By combining all of the above plants, fats, and antioxidants, this ashwagandha supplement offers you the support you need for brain health while combating stress.

The modern business world, and even our personal lives, demands razor-sharp focus. By reducing your stress levels and boosting your mood, you can improve blood flow to your brain, enhance your memory, and improve your overall cognitive function. Pure Organic Ashwagandha Max is the supplement that gives you all of the tools you need.

At Warrior Strong Wellness, our focus is on providing the highest quality supplements so that our clients derive the most benefits. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to childhood cancer research. So not only will Ashwagandha help boost your mood, but you can also feel good knowing that your purchase is helping make the world a better place for our children as well.

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