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The Importance of Collagen Supplements When Strength Training

Resistance or strength training is a popular form of exercise. It can boost your overall health, including your immune system function and even your mood. Exercise improves blood flow, can help a person to lose weight, and can also reduce pain levels in the body. It’s a great activity for just about anyone.

You do need to speak with your doctor before you start a new strength training routine to make sure your health is good enough to keep up with what you want to do. Now that we’ve got that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why collagen plays a vital role in getting the optimal benefits from strength training.


Strength Training and Collagen for All Ages

Is there scientific evidence to back up the claim that collagen is good for strength training? Yes, and in fact, older men were the main subjects of the research, so this is more than just a young man’s game. It can help anyone to improve their health.

According to a 2015 study, supplementing with collagen peptides has many benefits for older men. The randomized, controlled study found that collagen peptides, along with strength training, resulted in better overall body composition and improved muscle strength. Yes, young and old alike can benefit from this type of exercise and supplementation.

But why is collagen supplements so good for you when you are working out? Let’s look at three ways that collagen helps to support strength training.

Collagen Helps to Increase Muscle Mass

One of the main ways that collagen supplements can help you when you are strength training is that it allows your body to form lean muscle mass rapidly. This occurs because some of the amino acids that are present in collagen proteins are used by the body to turn glucose into a specific type of energy that can feed your muscles. Taking extra vitamin C will also help with this process.

Arginine, another component of collagen supplements, is known to help with repairing muscle tissue. This is vital in the wake of a workout for the recovery of the muscle tissue damaged by the strength training.


Collagen Helps to Boost Metabolism

A metabolism boost helps with your strength training as well because it makes it easier to burn fat, lose weight, and make your lean muscle easier to see. Plus, reducing weight is beneficial for the vast majority of people. How does collagen accomplish this?

It is by helping you to form muscle mass. Muscle burns more energy than fat, even when you are sitting still. That means the more muscle you build, the more your body will use calories rather than storing them as fat. Glycine also helps with your central nervous and digestive systems, and when these are functioning optimally, your metabolism is improved.

Collagen Increases Energy Output

Finally, collagen supplements can help you to have more energy when you are performing strength training. That means you will be able to workout longer and harder. This will help you to increase your muscle mass and boost your metabolism even faster. How does collagen supplements help a person to have more energy?

As we mentioned earlier, collagen supplements helps the body to turn glucose into useable energy for your muscles. Primarily it is glycine in collagen that accomplishes this. Other amino acids in collagen support wound healing, and physical growth and development in general. It also helps keep existing tissue from wasting away, so you can maintain the muscle mass that you develop. Your cells have more fuel when it comes time for them to divide and reproduce, and that includes critical elements like nitrogen and carbon.

How to Add Collagen Supplements to Your Strength Training Routine

There are a few ways to add collagen supplements to your strength training routine. Bone broth, for example, is rich in collagen. Unfortunately, you probably struggle enough to find the time to exercise. Most people don’t have time to simmer bones for hours just to get a few days of broth. This is where supplementation can really help. Warrior Strong Wellness has designed two collagen supplements to go along with your strength training routine so that you can optimize your results.


Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth

This supplement uses collagen peptides from bone broth that has been derived from grass-fed cattle. It helps to build and repair muscle. It also supports bone and joint health, digestive system health, and it can boost your immune system. That can be a big deal because getting sick can throw off your good strength training routine. You can save yourself the hours of work per week to make your own bone broth by blending this Collagen Bone Broth Protein Powder into your smoothies, using it when baking, or even just mixing it with water.

Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Our Pure Hydrolyzed Multi-Collagen Protein Powder is the perfect strength training supplement. It is unflavored so you can mix it into your favorite recipes or smoothies without affecting the flavor. It contains collagens type I, II, III, V, and X to ensure that you get a well-rounded boost of amino acids. Made from grass-fed beef, chicken, wild fish, and eggshells, you gain muscle and tissue repair support along with plenty of other benefits.

Regardless of the intensity of your strength training routine, collagen supplements can help you to maximize your benefits. Shop today for our best offers.

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