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The Lowdown on Chia Seeds and How to Optimize the Benefits

You’ve probably heard a lot of great things lately about chia seeds. This popular little seed is becoming well-known for its health benefits, especially when it comes to digestion. What we are going to do today is provide you with all the best information about chia seeds why they are so good for you. Then, we will conclude by helping you to see how you can get all the benefits by adding them to your morning smoothie and making this powerhouse of nutrition a part of your daily diet.


What Is a Chia Seed?

Let’s start by finding out a little more about this little seed that comes from south of the border. Chia seeds are native to our neighbor to the south, Mexico. They have a lot of nutritional value in a tiny package. Eating just an ounce of chia seeds gives you five grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. Plus, they are jam-packed with magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Add to this the omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, any have the recipe for good health!

Of course, these are not the only good things about chia seeds. For one thing, they are naturally gluten free, so if you have to follow that particular diet, you are good to go. The other important thing is that they don’t have a flavor, so at most, they will change the texture of your smoothies and not the taste.

Why Are Chia Seeds So Good for You?

We mentioned all of the nutrients in them, but unless you know exactly what all of those nutrients do, then you will want a description of the benefits of chia seeds. Here are some of the best things about this potent seed.

#1. Digestive Benefits

All of the fiber in chia seeds is perfect for feeding the good bacteria in your gut. Since your gut microbiome directly affects everything from your organs to your immune system, this is enough of a benefit to make chia seeds a part of your daily diet on its own. However, fiber also helps to keep you regular, which may provide benefits regarding certain gut diseases, particularly those that are related to inflammation.

#2. Weight Benefits

According to some research, fiber makes you feel full by bulking up your meals. Therefore, chia seeds may be able to help curb your appetite. As a result, fiber may be able to help you reduce the amount that you eat, which is an integral part of weight control.


#3. Anti-inflammatory Benefits

Besides being high in fiber, chia seeds also have omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats work against inflammation in the body. Therefore, this is yet another reason that chia is beneficial for your digestive tract. Of course, reducing inflammation is also useful for everything from your skin to your heart health. Just keep in mind that the omega-3s in fish are different from those in chia seeds, so you will need a lot more chia to get the same anti-inflammatory benefits that you would from a good piece of fresh fish.

#4. Heart Healthy

Besides the omega-3s, fiber and magnesium are both excellent for your heart. This makes chia a great food to eat daily if you have a problem with cholesterol, blood pressure, arterial inflammation. As an aside, besides just being good for your heart, these compounds can also help to regulate blood sugar.

#5. Keto-Friendly

If you are on a keto diet, chia seeds should be a part of it. You’ve cut out a lot of things from your diet that can get you the same benefits of chia. These seeds are a great way to get those ingredients back into your daily meals.

#6. Calcium from a Non-Dairy Source

We’ve already mentioned that chia seeds are gluten free and suitable for a keto diet, but what if you can’t have dairy? They are also great for a dairy free diet. Chia seeds are naturally non-dairy, and they have a lot of calcium, so you get the healthy teeth and bones that would otherwise require a supplement.


Ways to Introduce Chia Seeds Into Your Daily Routine

There are quite a few ways that you can add chia to your diet. First of all, when you soak them in any kind of liquid, they go gelatinous. Therefore, they are perfect for making jelly, pudding, homemade salad dressing, and other things like this. They can also thicken up your morning smoothie (more on that in a minute).

Of course, there are other ways to introduce these small seeds into your meals. You can sprinkle them over your food, bake them into your baked goods, add them to breadcrumbs, use them as a vegan substitute for eggs, and more!


Daily Smoothies with All the Benefits of Chia Seeds and More!

Mary, the founder of Warrior Strong Wellness, likes to blend them into her morning smoothie. Plus, she uses a collagen supplement for added digestive and immune system benefits. You can find the recipe she uses on the back of our Collagen Bone Broth Protein Powder or the Pure Hydrolyzed Multi-Collagen Protein Powder.

Collagen and chia seeds are the perfect one-two punch to get your digestive tract back on track, even if you are dealing with the effects of leaky gut. To learn more, keep reading the Warrior Strong Wellness blog. And don’t forget to place an order today!

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