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The Top 4 Principles to Improving Your Eating Habits and Health

Eating is something that we all do every single day. Sometimes, we don’t even think about it. We just grab something on the go wherever we happen to be when we get hungry. On other days, we plan ahead for weeks to prepare the perfect meal for guests. However, your day to day eating choices can have a significant impact on your overall health. This makes it crucial to improve our eating habits in order to live the healthiest life possible.

Today, we will consider four principles regarding eating that you can apply to begin to improve your overall health and wellbeing immediately. Those four principles are:

  1. Understanding the reasons behind your eating patterns
  2. The importance of curbing your cravings (so you can detox)
  3. Developing healthy eating habits
  4. Finding the right multi collagen protein powder supplement

Let’s address these four principles, one at a time.

#1. Understand the Reasons Behind Your Eating Patterns

It can be difficult to change ingrained habits and form new, healthier ones if you have no idea why you are doing what you are doing now. So we have to start by learning the reason behind our current eating pattern. This doesn’t necessarily require in-depth psychological research. You just need to address the possible reasons that you eat the way you do and identify the reason for your new goals.

While this will be different for everyone, here are some sample reasons you may come up with when you ask yourself why you eat the way that you do.

  • Habit – “I like to eat while I watch TV before bed”
  • Upbringing – “This is the way my family ate when I was growing up”
  • Stress – “Eating is how I cope”
  • Poor choices – “I don’t make a shopping list – I just buy whatever feels right”
  • Busy schedule – “I’m too busy to cook healthy food every day”

You may identify with some of these reasons or have your own. Now consider why you want to change your eating patterns.

  • Health – “I want to feel my best”
  • Self-esteem – “I want to look my best”
  • Longevity – “I want to be there when my grandkids get married”
  • Energy – “I want to have the energy to do all the things I want to do”

Of course, your list of reasons for making the change is personal and will be different for everyone. Now it is time to get started on making those changes.


#2. The Importance of Curbing Your Cravings

We make the worst food choices when we grab whatever we feel like eating in the moment. If you are going to quit stopping for fast food on the way home from work or reaching for a fatty, sugary, or salty snack no long after dinner, you need to understand why these habits are so bad for you.

When we eat junk, toxins build up in the body. Those toxins are what produce the craving for more. So if you fight those urges early on, you will eventually be happy to reach for a smoothie instead of a cola or a salad instead of a burger and fries.

There are three main reasons that we crave sweets.

  1. Hunger – your body wants some quick carbs because you haven’t eaten and your blood sugar is dropping
  2. Addiction – yes, you can be addicted to eating refined sugars
  3. Health – several underlying health conditions cause sugar cravings such as diabetes, yeast infection, thyroid problems, low magnesium levels, etc.

Addressing the underlying problem can help you to put those cravings in the past and start working on replacing old habits with healthier ones.

#3. Developing Healthy Eating Habits

If you cut everything bad out of your diet and don’t replace it with good stuff that you enjoy, you are likely to fall back into your old ways. How can you build healthy eating habits?

  • Frequency – Try eating smaller meals more often. Your blood sugar won’t have time to drop between meals, but you also are less likely to overeat.
  • Recipes – The Internet contains all the recipes you could ever need for quick and easy meals that are also healthy.
  • Preparation – Prepare a shopping list with the items you need for the recipes you researched. Then prepare meals that reheat well. Make plenty so that when you are hungry, you don’t have to cook. You can just grab a healthy portion of something delicious you made from the freezer and heat it up.

Of course, a quick way to get the nutrients your body needs is with a protein shake in the morning. Where can you find the best multi collagen protein powder?

#4. Finding the Right Multi Collagen Protein Powder Supplement

Remember that cravings mean your body is probably missing something it needs. The right multi collagen protein powder can provide your body with the basic building blocks for muscle repair, joint health, and even help your skin to be healthier.

Warrior Strong Wellness has the multi collagen protein powder you are looking for! Sourced from grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, wild fish, and eggshells, it is the perfect source for all of the primary collagen types. You can easily mix it into your morning smoothie to give you extra energy all day long. A good habit of using collagen every day can help your body to have the amino acids it needs to form vital proteins.

So get started on your healthy eating habits today!

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