Tips for a Healthier and Stronger Body in 2020

Can you believe it is not only the start of a new year but also a new decade? With the 2020s upon us, many people are setting new goals for the year and decade regarding building a healthier and stronger body. What can you do in 2020 to help you reach your goals? Here are our top tips for a stronger, healthier you this year.

Tips for a Healthier and Stronger Body in 2020

Eat Better in 2020

This has to be one everyone’s list if they want to be stronger and healthier during the new year. What are some of the foods to add to your diet, and what are some of the things to leave behind in 2019?

You need to eat a good combination of foods each day for proper nutrition. That starts with no fewer than five portions of fresh veggies and fruits per day. You also want a good mix of legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

Of course, you want to be sure to avoid any foods that you are allergic or sensitive to. Beyond that, try to avoid highly processed foods, unhealthy fats, anything high in sugar, and anything containing artificial sweeteners. Decreasing salt intake will be suitable for most people who eat a western diet as well.


Break Your Bad Habits in 2020

The number one habit to kick in 2020 is smoking. Whether you smoke the old fashioned style cigarette or get your tobacco fix through vaping, now is the time to leave this habit behind you. Tobacco is known for causing lung diseases, including cancer, and for not only killing smokers but also anyone around them. If you are a smoker, it is never too late to give up the habit. Every cigarette you don’t smoke can add time to your life and those around you.

Reducing alcohol intake may also be necessary. While there is evidence of health benefits to having an occasional glass of red wine, overindulgence in alcohol is a real problem in America. Not only can drinking affect your liver, but it can also lead to fatal accidents, so never get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Call a cab, an Uber, or have a designated driver in 2020.

Be More Active in 2020

A sedentary lifestyle leads to stiff joints, weight gain, skeletal issues, muscle atrophy, and all sorts of other health problems that are easily avoidable by being more active daily. According to researchers, the optimal number of steps to take per day for longevity is 7,500. So you may want to invest in a step counter for your phone or a wearable device that tracks your activity.

If you find out that you are shockingly less active than you had thought, what can you do about it? Besides going for a daily walk or getting a treadmill, you could also add more steps to your day in general by skipping the elevator or escalator at work, parking further away from your appointments, or even just by doing your own chores around the house instead of hiring a housekeeper or yard maintenance.


Be Hygiene Conscious in 2020

Good hygiene is also essential for better health. There are a couple of simple things you can do to make it less likely that you get sick or that you pass any illness you may get onto others. First of all, you need good handwashing practices. Be sure to use soap and water and wash your hands for at least 10 seconds and preferably 20 or more. You can also carry hand sanitizer with you for times when proper handwashing is not possible, but remember that soap and water are always preferable, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing food.

You also want to cover your cough or sneeze properly. If you cough or sneeze into your hand, be sure to wash them before you do anything else. The best place to cough or sneeze is into the inside of your elbow. This will make the transmission of the disease less likely through the shaking of hands or touching of doorknobs and handles.


Drink More Water in 2020

Drinking more water can help everything from reducing how often you get headaches or vertigo to helping ensure you don’t end up with a kidney stone. Water also helps to flush toxins from the body and is vital for anyone who is trying to lose weight or just improve their health in general. You should be drinking at least eight glasses of water per day, and more if you live in a hot, dry climate or are particularly susceptible to producing kidney stones.

If you are not sure if you are getting enough water, there are plenty of apps that track water intake and remind you to drink your next glass. This may be the best thing you can do for a healthier and stronger body.

Use the Right Dietary Supplements in 2020

Warrior Strong Wellness wants to help you along on your health and wellness journey in 2020. From collagen to ashwagandha, we offer the top supplements for a healthier and stronger body. You can build up your immune system, repair a leaky gut, reduce the pain in your joints, improve cognitive function, and gain many other benefits from the wonderful supplements that we offer.

Plus, we donate part of our proceeds to childhood cancer research. So you can help yourself be healthier and stronger in 2020 and show support for the many young people who are dealing with critical health situations.

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