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The Top 7 Ways to Stay Fit During the Holiday Season

During the holidays, many people find it more challenging to maintain a fit and active lifestyle. From drinking more water to supplementing with organic bone broth collagen powder, here are a few tips to help you enjoy the holiday season without ruining your healthy lifestyle.

The holiday season is here, and this year, there are more roadblocks than ever to maintaining fitness and activity goals. Besides the extra time that gets spent in front of the tv when we have time off for the holidays, there is also the temptation to have larger meals. Finally, we add in the current pandemic and the fact that getting out for activities is impossible or dangerous in some areas, and you have the recipe for holiday weight gain. How can you stay fit and active this holiday season? Here are seven tips.

#1. Drink More Water

The body can sometimes send signals that we register as being hungry when we are actually dehydrated. So drinking more water can curb your appetite and help you not to overeat during the holiday season. Try drinking a full glass of water before you sit down to a meal or before you grab yourself a snack.

#2. Eat Slowly

If you have ever watched a show like “Man v. Food,” you realize that about 15-20 minutes into eating an oversized meal, the host is either finished or struggling to take another bite. The reason is that this is about the length of time it takes for your body to send you signals that you have eaten enough.

Therefore, enjoy your meals, have some good conversation (without food in your mouth), and don’t be afraid to wait a few minutes before refilling your plate. You may realize that you eat less because your body lets you know that you’ve had enough just a few minutes after you take that last bite of your second serving. You may actually be able to get up from the table with your belt buckle still fastened (although, let’s face it, most of us are wearing sweatpants right now anyway).

#3. Find Ways to Stay Active Locally

If you live in an area where it is legal and safe to go in public for a daily walk, it can be a great way to keep the calories from adding up. You can also add activity to your to-do list by not parking as close to the grocery store or when you go out for other necessary errands. Finally, you can try to find ways to be active each day indoors. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check YouTube for free exercise videos
  • Find an app that helps you exercise
  • Invest in a stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, or another exercise machine for some indoor cardio
  • Use water bottles as weights if you don’t have fitness equipment at home


#4. Bake Your Own Holiday Treats

One way to keep your holiday snacks healthy is to make them yourself so that you know exactly what is in there. You can look up healthy recipes or use a regular recipe and do a few of your own substitutions. For example, you can just about always back off the amount of sugar in a recipe and still have it taste sweet. Or you can use an unrefined sweetener, such as raw honey or unfiltered maple syrup. You can also swap in some organic bone broth collagen powder in order to add more protein and other health benefits to your baked goods.

#5. Turn Exercise into Fun

If you can take the kids outside and play tag in the yard or enjoy a game of kickball, you not only get some much-needed exercise, but you also create great memories for the family. Instead of watching a movie together, find something active to do, like a game of hide and seek. If you do sit-down in front of the tv together, try to do something active at the same time, like some sit-ups or jumping jacks. You can even make it a contest – just don’t be surprised when the kid can out plank you.

#6. Limit Alcohol Consumption

People seem to have the tendency to drink a little more during the holidays (and during the pandemic in general). Do your best to pace yourself by drinking a full bottle of water before reaching for your next alcoholic beverage. Sip your drinks instead of downing them. If you use a mixer, make sure it isn’t filled with tons of empty calories. For example, you could use fresh lime juice and some agave syrup instead of a sugary sour mixer.

If you stay focused on enjoying your time with your family, you shouldn’t need to have more than two or three drinks in an evening anyway. And if you feel like you can’t get through an evening without a drink, that may be an indicator that you need more than just a fit lifestyle when it comes to alcohol.

#7. Supplement with Organic Bone Broth Collagen Powder

If you start your morning with organic bone broth collagen powder in your coffee (or tea, water, etc.), you may find that you don’t need to eat as much. The supplement gives you the protein to boost you need, and it can help heal the digestive tract. Healthy digestion will allow you to stay regular in the bowel department, even if your diet changes a little around the holidays.

Warrior Strong Wellness is here to help support your fitness goals with our Collagen Bone Broth Protein Powder. Give it a try in your morning coffee or your holiday baked goods, enjoy your time with your household, and stay safe!

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