Try a Little Wine for Physical (and Mental) Health

Try a Little Wine for Physical (and Mental) Health

Regardless of when COVID-19 first appeared, most US states are about three months into dealing with “stay at home” orders, self-quarantining, or whatever you want to call the new circumstances we have found ourselves in. Whether you work from home like me or you are waiting for your company to open back up so you can get to work, you probably have some extra time on your hands.

For some of us, that’s been a good thing in many ways. Maybe we’ve been able to spend more time with family than usual, or we’ve gotten some of those projects around the house done.

However, boredom eventually sets in. There are only so many shows on Netflix that are worth binge-watching. And maybe you find that you get along better with your family when you’re not locked in the house together 24/7. It’s no wonder that liquor stores are essential businesses. It seems everyone is drinking a little more these days.

All joking aside, a little wine each day can actually be good for you. But to me, the important thing is to drink the right wine. Here are a few things I look for.

#1. Low Alcohol Options to Preserve the Liver (and Reputation)

Wine can make a person feel happy. It can also have excellent benefits for your heart and your digestive tract. However, alcohol is still a toxic substance if you overdo it. That’s why I like wines with low-alcohol content. I don’t have to worry that my second glass (or third) is going to push me over the edge to the point where I’m harming my body or even saying and doing embarrassing things.

#2. It Has to Be Real Wine – No Additives!

Some wines contain so much sugar that it starts to affect any potential for health benefits. Other wines have preservatives and additives, which are also harmful to the body. Plus, the natural stuff just tastes better. When a friend brings over a bottle of wine, and it is a necessity to say that it’s at least 51% grapes on the back, you know never to have that friend select the wine for your dinner party again.

#3. It’s Got to Come from the Right Vineyard

Most people expect to find better produce at a local farmer’s market than what they get at a supermarket. So why do we sometimes forget to apply that same principle to the wines we drink? Rather than getting some mass-market wine, finding vineyards you like allows you to support local winemakers and enjoy the best product at the same time!


How to Source Your Wine Properly (and Get Rid of the Headaches)

Many in America have problems with products like coffee or wine causing headaches and other issues. If you have ever been to Europe, you probably noticed you could enjoy both without the consequences. The main difference is the quality. So what should you look for when you are sourcing your wine?

For me, I’m looking for these five things when I buy a bottle of wine:

  1. Low alcohol content
  2. No additives
  3. No sugar added
  4. Organic
  5. Uses natural yeast only

It can be challenging to find a winery that meets those high standards, so let me help you by sharing the research I’ve already done to source the wine we drink in my household. It has to be Dry Farm Wines and no other.

What Makes Dry Farm Wines So Special?

First of all, the wines meet all of the criteria I just mentioned. However, beyond that, you can actually taste the difference. From your first sip, you will know that you have found a superior wine – one that tastes the way wine is supposed to taste. How do they do it?

One of the secrets is the dry farming that gives their vineyard its name. It simply means that they do not irrigate the vineyard or water the vines at all. As a result, the vines themselves have to send roots down deeper to get water. This leads to finding soil with a rich mineral profile. As a result, you get a wine with less sugar and alcohol but with a more in-depth and rich flavor.

I can go on and on about their use of natural yeast and how they grow flowers and herbs in the vineyard to improve the ecosystem and the quality of the grapes, but I think you get the idea. This is a superior wine, and you get to support a local, family-owned business when you buy it. So choose quality and flavor with Dry Farm Wines.

Let’s Sweeten the Deal a Little

It’s no secret that Warrior Strong Wellness is a Dry Farm Wines affiliate. I love their wines, and that’s why I’m happy to promote them. You’ll love them too. And for using my affiliate link, here’s a little extra bonus:

Get a Bonus Bottle of Wine with Your First Order for Just One Penny

Just follow that link and place your order to get the deal! It’s that easy.

If you find yourself going for the bottle of wine a little more than usual these days (and let’s be honest, most of us are), then make sure it’s a quality wine, abundant with flavor, not in sugars or preservatives. Dry Farm Wines are just what we need right now!

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