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The 10 Ultimate Steps to Build Self-Confidence

If you have been staying up to date with our blog posts on how to become a Warrior Strong woman, you likely know how important it is to build self-confidence. Mary Ricciardi has also tackled the pivotal role of self-esteem in cultivating a self-loving and self-accepting mindset in her exclusive mentorship program – Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365. But, how exactly can you nurture self-confidence? What are the key steps you should take to finally say “YES, I CAN!” every time you face an impossible challenge?

Step #1 — Accept yourself

Do you remember the Warrior Strong blog post on body positivity from Mary Ricciardi’s lessons? In that discussion, we shared the value of embracing body positivity to dispel self-loathing. When you learn to cultivate a self-loving mindset, you are giving yourself the power to make better choices for your health, lifestyle, and mental well-being.

More importantly, it also paves the way in developing self-esteem by helping you silence that inner critic that tells you things like:

  • I am never going to be enough
  • I can’t do this
  • I am not capable of making positive changes in my life

Step #2 — Evaluate your priorities

Nothing can dampen the human spirit like unrealized goals. That’s why it pays to evaluate your life goals and see if they make sense for your timeline, current capabilities, environment, and the challenges that might come your way. It’s also essential to assess your priorities based on the urgency and importance of a certain goal.

Step #3 — Take advantage of learning opportunities

The more skills or core competencies (for work or general life purposes) you pick up, the better you feel as a person. So, you might find it extra helpful to maximize every learning opportunity that comes your way. Here are some examples of learning opportunities:

  • A new hobby
  • A training course on a specific skill
  • A mindset training course like the Warrior Strong 365
  • Health and fitness blogs or vlogs

Step #4 — Free yourself from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can drag you down and discourage you from making positive life choices. They can also prevent you from connecting with loved ones, doing your work, and attending to all kinds of tasks. If negative things plague your mind every now and then, here are some actionable tips from Forbes:

  • Jot down every negative thought you have for 10 minutes each day
  • Replace your negative thought patterns
  • Release, track, and reframe your negative thoughts
  • Find things you can love and appreciate, such as a new hobby, a pet, etc.

Step #5 — Be brave to take actions

Making tough decisions is a hallmark indication of having self-confidence. It also allows you to face your insecurities and exercise critical thinking. So, it would be best to maximize opportunities that force you to make tough calls as much as possible.


Step #6 — Celebrate small victories

What better way to cultivate self-confidence than celebrating even the most minor victories in life? So take the time to savor winning moments like starting a mindset transformation journey, completing a health goal, and seeing changes in your physical appearance because of your active efforts.

Step #7 — Accept defeat

Failures are a normal part of life. So, instead of seeing them as your stressors or detractors, we suggest embracing your failures and learning from the experience. Here are some valuable insights on how to lose like a winner from the American Management Association:

  • Analyze why you failed
  • Determine how you can improve
  • Always remember that it’s not always about you
  • Choose another objective and learn to move forward
  • Step back and take a breather so that you can compose your thoughts

Step #8 — Break your ties with naysayers

Having a supportive friend or company can help you boost your morale. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with naysayers can hurt your emotional and psychological health. Because of that, we highly suggest being extra mindful of the company you keep, both offline and online.

Step #9 — Learn how to face your fears head-on

Did you know that fear is the number one enemy of self-confidence? The sooner you learn to break the pattern and face your fears head-on, the easier it will be to accept that you can do amazing things. It will also help you avoid developing a self-loathing and self-blaming mindset.

Step #10 — Find a role model

Learning to become self-confident is sometimes easier when you have a role model who can inspire you. Thankfully, there are plenty of amazing women out there who are slaying their demons and inspiring people around them. Notably, you can also turn to role models like Mary Ricciardi, a certified holistic health coach, mindset coach, nutrition specialist, and gut health expert.


Learn How to Be a Warrior Strong Woman from Mary Ricciardi

You owe it to yourself to start nurturing a Warrior Strong version of you! After all, don’t you think that now is the perfect time to stop side-tracking your goals because you constantly doubt your ability to achieve great things?

We hope you put our tips to good use, especially when you feel insecure and unworthy of embarking on powerful health, lifestyle, and mindset journey. But, more importantly, we encourage you to share our list of building blocks of self-confidence with as many remarkable women in your life.

Are you ready to undergo a transformative journey? Unlock the secrets to a Warrior Strong lifestyle with Mary Ricciardi today!


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